Sunday, November 16, 2008

Luv Me Sum Pickles!

I love pickles just like my daddy. Mommy has to buy them in a gallon jar for us!

I gnaw and suck all the juice without making a face.

And scrape the inside out with my four teeth.

I love to let the juice run down my arm. Can you see the juice about to drop off of my elbow?

Rubbing the juice in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know, I know

Yeah, I have not blogged lately, I am fully aware of this. There is no way to update you all on the last couple of weeks so I will hit some high notes. First of all, Shelby is growing so much and getting smarter by the day. This last week has seen her sleeping thru the night! woohoo.....and she is no longer nursing during the day...wooohoo....too much info, I know. Momma is getting back some of her sanity and a little freedom. Pretty soon she will be shipped off to one of the grandmas for the weekend (she has 7).

I passed my real estate exam. Another, woohoo and now that I am not taking classes and preparing for exams I am much less stressed.

Ross is busy at work, thank goodness. He closed another 5 houses in October. I am not sure how he is doing it other than working long days. In six years of building he had his worse homeowners, a couple from Russia, and their house was one of the 5 that closed in October. He is glad to be rid of them. He did come home with some cranberry bread that she had made so she must of at least liked Ross but also liked to be a royal pain. Ross is looking forward to hunting season and it looks like he will be making a trip to Sierra Blanca and maybe Sonora if he can fit it in.

Well back to Shelby, she now gives kisses. This is a huge accomplishment because usually when you say kiss she runs in the other direction. Of course, who gets kisses, mostly daddy and Aunt Kristen. Mommy is a LITTLE jealous. Usually, the only way I get a kiss from her is if I kiss Ross in front of her and then she HAS to give a kiss to both of us right away. You should see her pucker up, she has some lips!

She is obsessed with my purse and has to have it if she sees it. She throws it over her shoulder, gets my keys and cell phone, waves bye bye to me, and then goes and tries to unlock the front door with the keys. Smarty pants....

We had a removable safety fence put up around the pool so Shelby can play in the yard and Ross is working on a sandbox this week for her. She likes digging in the dirt, which is fine with me.

She is also trying to say more things and most of the time she just wants to say daddy.....which is more like deedee. He eats it up!!!

Below is some pictures for your enjoyment. We finally got to see my roommate from college Carrie, her husband Leslie and their new daughter Morgann. We had a good time seeing them and she seems to be a really good baby.

Ross and Shelby's future college roommate, Morgann Lutz.

If Morgann thinks she is coming into my house and taking my daddy, she's wrong!!!!

Another Chinese eyes picture.

Who's the coolest mom?

This is where Shelby waits for Ross to come home, or if I tell her someone is coming over. At the moment she is just watching the guys mow the yard. Truly a Leyendecker and that she is easily entertained!!!

Ross and I went to our friend's house for a Halloween party. Thanks Niesners it was a lot of fun!!! Ross had fun playing Pancho Roscoe and I was a flapper. The dress was not very flattering and made me look 3 feet wide but it was fun just the same. I came home before Ross to take care of Shelby (who was not sleeping thru the night as of yet) and I found her still awake. She had a party too with Grandma Leyendecker and Aunt Kristen. Thanks for watching her!

Here is Shelby in her Snow White costume. She picked it out herself. There was a wall of costumes and she reached out and had to have this one. She was getting over being sick so we didn't trick or treat but we went to eat dinner with her great Aunt Sherry, Great Grandparents Johnson, and Ross' cousin Katie and fiance Jason. She had a blast! Thanks for dinner it was SO GOOD! If you have the Johnson cookbook you gotta make the stuffed shrimp!

Always, wants a closeup.

The new safety fence.