Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Shelby's Aunt Kristi!!!
We are so excited that ya'll are moving back to Texas!

Friday, May 30, 2008

It has been too long....

I've been hearing that I am falling down on the job. My grandma told me today to let Shelby out of her crib already (referring to the last post) so I am posting new pictures. A lot has happened since the last time I posted. Ross' parents, grandparents, and Aunt Ann came up and we spent time with them. We have closed and began remodeling our new house. All is going well but we have been super busy with picking out everything, buying and scheduling. Of course we have been swimming also!!!

The house has started to show a lot more this last week. Supposedly we have an interested brother (he lives down our street) and sister (my senior English teacher) that want to buy it for their mom. Mom still has to come down and see it before they go forward. We are crossing our fingers but not holding our breath!!! We did have some people that called our realtor and told her to draw up a contract they wanted to buy the house. They said they wanted to build a chicken house and raise chickens in the backyard! That's against City Ordinances so that deal fell thru. Ross and I had seen these people drive up in their red lexus the day before. I am pretty sure that they had never left the "big city" before and thought they were in the country! What in the world they wanted with chickens is beyond me! Green acres....this is not!

The movers come June 14th so I will begin the tedious job of packing soon.....I am SO excited about that!

Shelby chillin' in her new boat the "Aqua".

I swear Shelby has seen the sun before!
Here are some wii pictures. Wii is a video game where you do the action on the screen. Here is Shelby's Aunt and Granny playing MarioKart (racing cars). Looks like they are in a turn.

Shelby's Grandma Johnson and I boxing each other. We each won a round but Cheryl knocked me out a lot faster!!

I will admit that I broke a sweat boxing Cheryl! It was quite late at night because Shelby had gone to bed. I think Grandma and Grandpa Johnson enjoyed the wii.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Me Out of Here

Shelby is trying to pull up on everything. Here she is in her crib today.

I've got my eye on you!

She always thinks I'm so funny. She's the only one!

The "Squenchy Nose Laugh".

More of the "Squenchy Nose Performance".

Truly a monkey in a cage.

The Weekend

Our weekend started out by going to a wedding on Friday night. Grandma and Aunt Kristen babysat till after midnight so a big Thank You goes out to them. The groom (Ryan) works with Ross so the Highland crowd was there. These people are a blast to hang out with and we always have a good time when they are around. They are wanting to see more of Ross' dance moves. I think he did a good job entertaining them. If you have never seen Ross dance you have truly been missing out!

Saturday we went and picked out and purchased our selections for the new house, at least some of them. Most of the day went fine. We picked out some Travertine tile for the kitchen countertops and the store we were at did not have enough so we bought it and had to go to another branch of that store to pick it up. When we got there (45 mins away) they had sold our tile. Shelby and I were waiting in the truck for them to load it when I saw Ross come out of the store and he looked really angry and his face was a dark shade of red. I knew what had happened. Needless to say we got some other travertine for the price we had paid and I think the Asst. Mgr. was EXTREMELY scared of Ross. I think they got an ear full from Ross before he had come out to get us! I told Ross to calm down and he reminded me that this is what he deals with on a daily basis! Yuck!!!
We shopped till they dropped!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome Home!!!

Rumor has it that Uncle Charlie gets into California tonight. We just wanted to say welcome home to Uncle Charlie. We are so proud of him and happy to hear that he is safe and sound on U.S. soil. We wish we could be there to greet him when he gets off the bus! We know Aunt Kelsey is probably watching the clock! Welcome home and we can't wait for ya'll to be in Texas in a couple of weeks. Your niece has grown tremendously since you last saw her and is quite the little stinker!!!

Shelby sends an extra slobbery kiss!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lil Bit of Everything

Okay, so I know I have not blogged in some time so I am going to throw a bunch together. Two weekends ago, Ross' parents came up to help Travis (Ross' brother) babysit his two boys while Sarah went on a girls' weekend trip. We went to Spring to see them and play.

Shelby and I have been going to the park more lately. A park right down the street has a good size lake and lots of ducks. She loves to go see the ducks and be outside. We go to the park when our house shows. The house has been showing more during the week and we have been getting good feedback from the "lookers" so we are pleased and crossing our fingers. The best time it could sell for us would be next weekend. This would give us enough time to remodel the other house before we have to move.

We went to a crawfish boil on Saturday. Some of Ross' subcontractors were putting it on and expected around 600 people. They made 1200 lbs of crawfish!!! It went pretty fast. Ross had quite a few and had some "war" stains on his shirt. I think he really enjoyed them. It was fun to hang out with the Highland crowd. The boil was from 2pm-2am but we left a little earlier than that! There were 3 bands and bouncy things for the kids. It was quite a production.

Sunday was officially my first Mother's Day. Ross got me breakfast from my favorite place to eat breakfast. Shelby got me a card about how I do not get as much sleep anymore and a pair of pearl earrings. Ross got me the matching necklace and a card about how he snores at night. Needless to say, good long sleep is a thing of the past. I feel very blessed to have the both of them!!!

Mother's Day afternoon my family worked cattle. Ross had fun chasing cows with his four wheeler. Shelby put on a pair of wrangler's bloomers and joined the festivities. We rode in the truck with her great-grandma and hung on for dear life as we chased cows!!! Ross was on a 4 wheeler, Shelby's Grandpa was on a 4 wheeler (at one point he went over the handle bars and landed on his back holding onto one of the handlebars with one hand, thankfully he is okay), Shelby's aunt and Grandma were in a truck, we were in a truck with Great-Grandma, and Great-Grandpa was in a big tractor. It was organized chaos! If you have not been around my family I'll just let you know that they are WORKAHOLICS. Weekends are more busy than the weekdays and we will have to celebrate mother's day with grandma during the week. Mother's day ended last night at almost 11 for us with an explosive diaper!!! Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

I know what you really want to hear is about what Shelby has been doing lately. Well, she is trying to pull up on everything. It frightens me to say the least! She is not into crawling. She just does not like to be on her tummy. We still battle everyday to try and get her to eat. She has been doing a little better lately. But she still does not finish a jar of baby food. I have finally resorted to blowing on her face, which makes her open her mouth, and shoving the food in! She seems to be doing better with strangers, but still has her moments, especially if Uncle Travis is around (sorry Travis I can't control her).

Here is a few pictures.

Grandma Johnson and 3 of her 5 grandkids.

Grandma Johnson pushing the "cousinmobile" with Cooper and Shelby taking a ride.

The "thinker" and the "ham".

Shelby enjoying Cooper's swing.

I don't think this is cute at all mom.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Splish Splash

It is no secret that Shelby loves to take a bath. Whenever she hears the water running she squeals and becomes very excited. It doesn't have to be her bath water either it could just be us doing the dishes. Here are some of the monkey in the bath tub.

Just soaking in my stylish blue soaking tub.

I had to get a picture with soap in her hair. Can you tell she is a ham?

She is trying to pull up in the bath tub. It makes it easy to wash her backside :) .

Eating the bath tub and almost standing. Sorry for the plumber's crack!