Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to Work

Well, sadly Ross' extended vacation has come to an end. I am so thankful that he found a job in miracle speed but I have to say that Shelby and I have been spoiled having him home. I think Shelby has completely forgotten that she used to wake up and have to watch daddy leave in the mornings or wake up and he already be gone. Ross will be leaving at 6:15, or so, every morning so Shelby and I will definitely still be asleep.

If you ask Ross about his layoff now he will tell you that it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. So many people told him that it would turn out to be so but it wasn't until about a week or two ago that he had this realization for himself. Shelby is so much fun right now and so full of personality and Ross was blessed to get to be at home for a month or so and get to be with her all while not having to worry about construction and still being paid and under health benefits via his severance package. It was a great time for us to be together. Now there was times when Ross was off playing too. He went fishing twice, went turkey hunting (he came back with 2), and went hog hunting twice. Oh by the way I was informed this morning on the way back from hog hunting that he shot such a "beautiful, ugly hog" that he is having it mounted, tusks and all. So much for my decorating ideas. How do you decorate around wild pig??? Thankfully, Ross is getting in with a company that is about as stable and as in demand as possible and leaving the most unstable environment behind. We still pray that our friends in home building make it thru this or jump ship.

Ross is still not sure of exactly what he will be doing but he is excited just the same. I pray that Monday will go smooth for him and he will really enjoy his new job and make the most of the opportunity he has been given. Keep him in your thoughts on Monday. Oh and Shelby and I too because we will be sad.

As for a Shelby update. Personality with a capital P. One of her latest tricks is that if you tell her to laugh she kicks her head back and fake laughs. Aunt Kelsey was the first to experience us getting her to laugh on cue. Of course that was via telephone and Shelby did the same for Grandma Johnson today. Too cute.... We have been spending a tremendous amount of time outside. Well, up until a couple of days ago when it got cold and rainy. Shelby loves to be outside. As for food, she is very into chocolate right now. She knows where the chocolate is kept in this house and she tries her best to get everyone to give her chocolate. Grandma Leyendecker watched her one day last weekend for me and when I left I said so today is going to be chocolate and coke, right??? Grandma said of course. We discovered since Ross had been laid off that Shelby really loves to eat at the rainforest cafe with all the animatronic animals. We ate there 3 times this month. It is about the only place we can get her to sit thru a whole meal because she is watching the animals. I am thinking about buying stock in rainforest cafe.

As for our p90x update we just finished our 2nd week of 90 days. We both feel better and I can already tell the difference on Ross and he says he can on me. The main thing is that we feel better.

And for the real estate update. Many of you know that I and another agent in my grandmother's office have been showing properties for a couple of months to a cardiologist and his wife as a weekend retreat. Looks like this is the winner It is far more beautiful in person and is across a dirt road from a massive and very expensive horse farm. I just pray the inspection goes well. I also have some listings. I have some lots listed in Sheridan, Texas and this home in our neighborhood . And I have a couple of other people I have been showing properties too, etc. I've been busy to say the least and now Ross is going back to work!

Family update....Ross' sister Kelsey is due with baby Callie April 7th. She is measuring a week early so I wanted to post this just in case. We are so excited to be having another niece. The girls will be Bailey, Shelby, and Callie.....the eeeees. We will be thinking about you Charlie and Kelsey and just remember Kelsey take the drugs and I hope you are in a drug induced sleep thru labor like I was!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shelby's coming out with a Yoga Video

So, as most of you know Ross and I, as of Sunday, started the P90x workout program. Talk about a workout!!! The best and simple description I could give it is an all around boot camp type of workout in 12 dvds. It is super hard and Ross and I have been sweating our booties off. Or at least that is what we are hoping we are doing. Shelby decided she would get in on the act. One of the videos is Yoga and it is 90 minutes long and it is KILLER!!! We did it last night while Shelby was asleep but somehow she figured out yoga on her own. We have really enjoyed it, well sort of, and recommend it to everyone reading that is in good health. Look for Shelby's yoga video out in stores near you!

I'm bending over trying to get a good stretch in my hamstrings. People do not follow what Shelby is doing. She is a strict professional in the flexibility department. Always do yoga barefoot and not in fake crocs like Shelby.

Feel the burn as your hamstrings stretch. If you follow my dvd your booty might look as cute as mine. Just remember the extra padding you are looking at is my diaper, unlike the extra padding the rest of you are carrying around.

In yoga this is called the child's pose.

Okay, I sit on the floor and bring one foot in and keep watching the dvd to see what I do next. (Actually, she is watching Elmo.)

Reach forward and touch your toes.

Monday, March 16, 2009


We made a quick trip down to Harlingen so Ross could go fishing and we could see the family in Harlingen. It was good to see everyone and Shelby did very well in the car considering it is a 5+ hour drive.

Here is a picture with Ross, his dad and their fish. Ross had a blast fishing.

Shelby and Grandpa Johnson coloring.

The other day Shelby and I were looking at pictures of Shelby on the blog and I kept pointing to them and saying Shelby and she finally pointed to one and said Shelbo. I guess she just gave herself a nickname. She is starting to attempt to say more words.

Shelby is loving having her daddy at home during the day. Although, this was over the weekend.

What a bunch of bums!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

18 Months

Shelby is now 1 1/2 years old. I can't believe it!!! We went to the doctor today and Ross had to go into BAE to sign some paperwork so once again Shelby and I went to the doctor without him. Oh, how I wish he would have been there. Shelby has a tremendous memory and as soon as we walked through the door at the pediatrician's office she was not happy and it went down hill from there. She totally freaked out when we tried to sit her on the scale and she screamed the whole time we were there. And by the way, there were no shots. The doctor was getting mad at me because I was having a hard time holding her down. She was crying and screaming so much she was gagging herself!!!

The only issue that Shelby is having is that she does not like milk. I have been giving her these gummy bears that are a calcium supplement and they will continue. The doctor told me today that Shelby needs eggs every morning for the protein, calcium, and fat and a multivitamin. So I guess scrambled eggs are on the menu from now on.

The nurse that did the weighing and measuring today gave me ranges for her percentiles in growth; so, here they are:

Height - 33 1/2 in. - 90-97th percentile
Weight - 23 lb. 8 oz. - 25-50th percentile

Just call her string bean.....

After the meltdown at the Drs. office we went to papa's office and answered the phones while his secretary was out. Shelby grabbed papa's coke off of his desk and drank half of it. I passed down my obsession of coca cola to Shelby that I inherited from papa.'s so good....

Papa, just try and take this back. Two words........Drs. office.......

Friday, March 6, 2009

We are so Blessed!!!

Well, we have great news. This past Wednesday, Ross got a job offer with BAE systems. Ross' new title is Planner. I can't really tell you exactly what he will be doing other than this company builds army vehicles and thus is a government contractor. He will be involved in the planning of inventory and materials for the building of these vehicles. He is fairly excited because he will work 7-5, Monday thru Thursday, Friday 7-4 and every other Friday off. They have a stocked detention pond on the property for the employees to fish in (wonder what time he will be coming home at night), unbelievable benefits and lots of holidays.

Ironically, his new boss lives 2 doors down. And no, that is not how Ross got the job. We had heard about the job thru someone else and it was strictly coincidence that the guy hiring was our neighbor. Anyway, Ross starts March 30th once his government background and drug test come back. So we are enjoying our time together at home and working hard on getting our yard in good shape. Thanks to all of you that were praying for us!!! I know the prayers helped!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life's a Picnic

Here are some pictures of Shelby's new little picnic table. She LOVES it!!!

Shelby and Aunt Kristen drawing on the picnic table. And papa in the background watching the weather channel.

Notice how Aunt Kristen can hold a pose. The picnic table has a cute wooden heart on the other side. Granny and Aunt Kristen just had to buy it.

Refuses to smile at the moment. She likes to stare people down.

Give me the camera Aunt Kristen so I can teach you how to take pictures.