Monday, August 9, 2010


Here are some pictures (the grandparents are rejoicing). The pics are newest to oldest. Stay tuned for pictures from Karyn Kayle Photography. No pressure or rush Karyn! Check out her blog and website she is pretty much amazing!

P.S. I am having an mri done on Friday morning to find out what damage volleyball has done in the past on my shoulder. I am in a lot of pain and having problems lifting my arm above my shoulder. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have surgery, yuck!!!

Either that is a Gig'em or you just missed the "Shelby wink".

Her daddy took this picture and told her to make the cutest face she could.

mid flippie

Yeah, I didn't tell her to do this.
I've never whined or thrown a fit a day in my life! P.S. Did you know I am a supermodel?

Making blueberry pancakes one Saturday morning in her fleece jammies (we keep it cold in our house) and yes she picked out the wisk to my mixer all by herself.
Gotta love that hair!

Shelby was hanging out the window calling a cow. She would do the standard cattle call (if you don't know what that is I can't explain it) and then she would say, "come here cow, I have some money for you". She has never been bribed with money before.........okay maybe once......

Shelby's daddy and grandpa working cows.

Papa and Shelby on Magnolia beach in Port Lavaca. We pulled onto the beach and shelby said, "Where is my bathing suit?" She got to go in her diaper since she spilled something on her pants. We couldn't stay long but she loved it.

Ross' cousin Kayla and Shelby playing the piano.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here We Go Again.......

For our third trip to the E.R. Shelby decided to bust her head open and she needed a staple. Most of you know that I don't have very good nerves. I can't handle a lot of stress, it's no secret. Shelby was on top of my desk and I told her to get off and I was on my way over to get her down. Her toes were only an inch from the floor when she slipped and feel backwards and hit her head on the filing cabinet. Of course, I snatched her up quickly and was consoling her. I had almost made it to the living room when I started feeling something dripping on my arm. I remember thinking for a brief second, oh please God don't let that be blood. It was and it was everywhere. I grabbed my phone and called my mom. She didn't answer and she always answers. I called my dad and he was not in the office. I begin to dial 911 (the ems director had told my dad to always call the ambulance because you get bumped up in line at the er) when mom beeped in. There was enough blood where I was panicking but trying hard not to, at the same time. Mom said I will meet you at the ER and I threw clothes on and headed out (I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet). Shelby had calmed down but repeatedly said, "I need to see the doctor". Luckily the emergency room is 2 miles away. I shook the whole way. I called Ross and I told him I didn't know how bad it was because of the blood but she wasn't crying when we got to the E.R. and seemed fine.

Luckily, there was no one in the E.R. so we got in right away. The staff was great, this time, and gave her a stuff animal and probably 15 stickers. They cleaned it up to reveal that the cut was approximately a half of an inch long. They put some cream on it to deaden it and put one staple in. She was a real trooper. We were there for maybe an hour (it takes awhile for the cream to deaden the area, etc.) and her daddy got there not long after us. She was so happy the whole time we were there especially when her daddy showed up. She let the nurses do whatever and told the doctor he was a nice doctor, without us prompting. She did feel the staple though and cried for a little bit. Her Granny and Papa met us at the house with lunch. Her daddy gave her a bath and got the rest of the blood out of hair and now she is asleep. Before she took a bath, I told Granny, I really need a margarita and Shelby turned around on her bike and shook her head and said, "yeah, you need a rita". is Friday.......I shall have that rita and Shelby shall have a coke.....

Freak me out!!!!!! There was blood on the floor, blood on my foot, blood all over my arms and shirt, blood all over Shelby's arms. I left so quickly we didn't bring Shelby's shoes. Here she is about to wrap up her green giraffe from the hospital (Ross says thanks to BAE for paying for the giraffe).

TWINKIES! If these two are this happy at the E.R., imagine them at Disney World!

Just looking for my daddy and waiting for him to come. I know you all love her stylish headband. For you horse people, that is just common vet wrap that you wrap their ankles with. Shelby makes it look good.

P.S. I forgot to mention the doctor gave us a staple remover to remove her staple in 10 days. I promptly handed that off to Granny and said that's your job. I've had enough!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dirtiest Jobs Tryouts....

Shelby and I are battling the stomach virus. I feel like any time now the guy from "Dirtiest Jobs" is going to walk thru the door with a camera crew. Needless to say Shelby has gotten quite used to being taken to the side of the house and literally hosed down with water. Don't worry grandparents I make sure all of the hot water is out of the hose before I squirt her down. She thinks it is great and treats it like she is in the sprinkler. Cleaning up diarrhea has got to qualify me for tryouts. Other than the explosive diarrhea Shelby has had for two days, she is fine and you would never know she was sick. Unfortunately baby Chapman and Ms. Brande were here yesterday to witness a hosing down. This was before we knew she was sick. I really hope we have not passed this sickness to them! As for stomach is cramping and in knots and well the rest I will spare you. I have thankfully not needed to venture to the water hose :).

I will be posting some videos of Shelby tomorrow doing some funny things. Some funny sayings from her this week.........Shelby from the backseat of the car, "momma, I really need to go home and check my email". Shelby driving around in her plastic car when I asked her if she was going shopping. Shelby's answer "no, I going to China".

Monday, June 7, 2010

This One is for Cody!

Warning, Grandparents, there are no pictures on this post!!!

Well, just like any other kid, Shelby comes up with some crazy stuff. She cracks us up on a daily basis and we never know where she gets her sayings from. A couple of weeks ago Ross went with the guys to New Braunfels to float the river for his cousin Cody's bachelor party. After being gone for some time Shelby asked where her daddy was and instead of saying working or hog hunting I told her he was with Cody. She replied in the cutest voice, "Oh, I love Cody". Just a couple of nights ago Shelby was being silly and her daddy told her she was a mess. She quickly shot him a "I know where you sleep at night" look and said "no daddy, I not a mess, I'm Cody's flower girl". I am laughing uncontrollably now just typing it. She is right, she is a flower girl in Cody and Brittany's wedding and Ross is a groomsmen. The wedding is this weekend and we can't wait!!!

Today her funny moment came at my expense. Ross bought a desk, a bookcase, and a filing cabinet from a charity silent auction at work. This meant I had to clean out the office and move out the desk that was in there, etc. After that was over I started to vacuum the room and Shelby ran in and yelled at me, "what the heck is going on". I guess I don't vacuum enough, LOL!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Fish and A Shark

I love my Dora the Explorer life jacket. This is heading back to the boat and we have now graduated to floaties.
The Shark scrubbing the pool and the fish.

It has begun.......pool season!!! It is no secret that we LOVE our pool. Let's face it, I live with two polar bears that have been swimming for some time now, but I braved the pool last night and it was warm.

By the end of last summer, Shelby was quite comfortable in the pool. The start of this summer we had to get her used to it again and get her over her fears all over again. Last night we finally got off her off the steps and when she figured out that she could float with her life jacket on and then swim with it on by kicking her feet she was making laps. She would get to the wall and turn around and "svim" to the steps. She did this over and over and over again and would not stop to play with us. I can't tell you how many laps she made but I kept thinking she is going to be sore tomorrow. We then put on her floaties and she did the same thing with those on. She would pretend she was a fish and her daddy was a shark and he was going to get her. Of course, her daddy always got her and would take a "bite" out of her thighs.

Daddy does not always play fair in the pool (I know ya'll are surprised to hear that). He likes to splash Shelby and I. Shelby was getting pretty ticked with her Daddy last night and gave him some real Leyendecker attitude and told him to knock it off and it wasn't nice. Then somehow they both decided to gang up on me and both of them started to splash me and Shelby kept saying splash mama. I started to take up for myself and splashed daddy and then I heard him say, "oh, you want to play". Needless to say I was constantly having to watch my back with these two. I guess mama is just an easy target.

For those of you that have not heard Shelby has inherited her daddy's clean freak ways. I can't tell you how many times this week Shelby has told me I made a mess. I think that is a little backwards. The child is always picking up after me, lol!!! When we were in the pool last night she grabbed a brush and started scrubbing and said, "I clean, I make daddy happy". Her daddy gave her a thumbs up and she gave him one back along with "the Shelby wink". If you have not witnessed "the Shelby wink" you are certainly missing out. I am surprised we haven't heard from a commercial producer as of yet. The child is certainly special.

Since Ross is out of town for a Johnson bachelor party, Shelby and I plan on being in the pool all weekend. Anyone that wants to partake in swim time and know where to find us!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures.....What you really want.

These pictures are old and they are not in order, but enjoy anyway.

I had to stop for gas on our way home from G.G.'s birthday lunch and belated Easter Egg Hunt. They played too hard!

Shelby headed back to G.G.'s house from the garden. G.G. and Papa Muske had to buy her a new wagon. That thought the one that I rode around in with my sister and cousins was too rusty and old.

Granny counting Easter eggs to make sure we found them all.

Her loot!

Obsessed with sunglasses.

Some loot waiting for her in G.G.'s old garden.

The Easter bunny was here.


My college roommate, Carrie, and her daughter, Morgann (Shelby's college roommate).

Swinging with her "eyes closed" or in our household that is known as "smiling".

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Well, surprise surprise.......we have been busy. This post is going to be short and sweet. We went to the zoo this week with Ms. Brande (baby mama) and Mr. Chapman (Chappy) and had a great time. We rode the carousel, we rode the train around Herman Park, we pretty much saw and did it all at the zoo. It was a pretty day and the kids had a great time.

Shelby loves her Chappy!!!

Today at lunch Shelby's daddy, papa and great grandpa left to go turkey hunting or as Shelby says toekey hunting. I hope the guys have a great weekend, they deserve a break! Before her daddy left this morning he was nice enough to give Shelby a duck call and teach her how to use it. She blew that thing all morning and said it was her new favorite toy. Daddy smiled at me and said, "have a great weekend". Shelby also jokingly called her daddy a toot this morning. Shelby certainly got that right!!!! What a stinker!!! Enjoy the video of Ross packing and Shelby playing with her favorite toy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Mess is For You!!!!

Sorry grandparents but this post has no pictures!

Half of them went onto other things and will not continue reading, but that is okay.

One day this week Shelby had her Easter basket full of plastic food and was walking around with it. She got mad at me about something. I wouldn't let her have a cookie for breakfast, or something like that, when she decided that in anger she would dump out all of her plastic food all over the kitchen floor. She looked at me and with her "Vanna White arms" said, "this mess is for you". I couldn't believe the attitude but I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't hold it in, I just busted out laughing. Unfortunately, since I laughed, I see this same scenario playing out quite often. Just wait, those of you that have read this far. One day soon Shelby will be at your house too!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a Swingin.....

A couple of weeks ago, Shelby's Granny and Papa took care of Shelby for the day so that Ross and I could go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ cookoff with some friends. They took her to see her great grandparents on my side and while at Gigi's house (mom's mom) she discovered the swingset. Granny and Papa told us that night that she was in love with Gigi's swingset so they were going to get her one. Granny and Papa bought Shelby her swingset on Saturday and daddy put it together. The "putting together" was a disaster and most parts Ross had to do more than once. I have never seen such pathetic instructions. I called Granny and said that we decided that we would have rather paid for it and have Papa put it together :). Shelby woke up from her nap and immediately asked to go play at her "park". I said okay. Ross was about 3/4 of the way thru. Shelby went outside turned the corner and was beyond excited. She was in love! She kept asking us, "this is for me, this is Shelby's???" She couldn't believe it! Now every time she has woken up in the morning and from her nap she immediately wants to play with her "park". I was telling her that I loved her when I was tucking her in tonight and she told me that she loved me. Then she said, "and I love my park, tell Granny and Papa I love my park and tell daddy thank you for putting together, I love my park".
On a really sad side note while we were outside putting the swingset together we heard a bunch of sirens and found out that the toddler directly across the street from us drowned in their pool. If you have a pool you must get a child safety fence! So sad!!!

Now to lift your spirits back up, pictures!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Which Way to Aggieland

Little Miss Shelby had fun going thru one of the closets upstairs. It was that closet that everyone has that is full of old memories. This closet mainly houses old college memories and Shelby loved going thru all of her daddy's photo albums. She was looking thru the albums and seeing daddy in his skinnier days (his words not mine) and pointed to daddy and said Cody (Ross' cousin). Ross corrected her and said no that is daddy and she quickly said no, that is Cody. They went back and forth and she never gave in. I never really thought that Cody and Ross looked alike but I guess Shelby does!

One of the things she found was our photo album from our wedding and she went on and on about how much she loved my pretty dress. Such a sweet heart!
And another thing she found was Ross "pot" (helmet) from bonfire. She loved to put it on.
In other news, potty training, it basically not happening. I bought Shelby panties thinking that it would help and she asks to put a diaper on because she knows she can go potty in them instead of her panties. She told me the other night when I was reading her a story before bed that she really needed a tv in her room. I told her Granny Leyendecker that and Granny told her that she would buy her one if she started to use the potty. That didn't even help! She will be ready one day!
The cutest thing to ever wear a "pot".

Do you see Ross? I sure do!

It was one of those, let's wear comfortable nonmatching clothes and be lazy because it's freezing outside type of days but Shelby had to put all her bling on.

I know exactly where she gets this from but I am not naming any names.

Showing off her first pair of panties.

Catching a showing of "The Fox and the Hound" at the drive in. Notice the plates and the cup in the "backseat". She inherited the Leyendecker messy car syndrome.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Give Me a Wink

This child cracks me up!!! The other day she just started randomly winking. It is the funniest thing because it is so exaggerated and we ask her to do it all the time now. It is bad quality video from my phone but I think you get the idea.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ta Da.....We are Back

Yeah, I haven't blogged in forever. Trust me I have heard that from everyone.

There is no way that I can let you all in on what all has been going on since I blogged. Each day is an adventure in this house and we are going to just have to call that lost time and move forward.

Shelby is getting bigger and smarter by the second. She is talking our ears off and has a hilarious sense of humor and makes me laugh every day.
We had a great Christmas in the Valley and then back here in Katy. The only thing could have been better is we were all a little under the weather, but who wasn't this Christmas.

I finished the year with my last closing on December 31st. I had a really great year in real estate and am thankful for the clients that came may way. I had set a goal for myself for the year and ended up doing 350% more business than my goal. At one point one of our neighbors that I grew up with asked if everything was okay with Ross and I because he never saw our trucks there at the same time. LOL......the answer to that is yes, for a couple of months there, he would get home from work and I would meet him in the driveway with Shelby so that I could go to work. It is amazing how God works things out.....after the costs of getting my license etc. I made almost to the penny what Ross took in a paycut. Praise God we survived 2009!!!! Thanks to Granny Leyendecker, Papa Leyendecker, and Great Grandma Doris for all of the help babysitting when Ross couldn't be here. I would have not been able to do it without ya'll!!!!

On that note, Ross received a promotion last week!!!! Less than a year after starting with the company and he already is bossing someone else around, besides me! Congrats to Ross, Shelby and I are very very proud of you. Ross will have to tell you what he does because I don't exactly know, except he got promoted to where he is over the guys that do what he used to do. Just call him Bossy Rossy!!!

Okay, so back to who you really want to know about......lil miss thang herself....known in this house as monkey, crazy hair, shelbs, chunky monkey, tooty get the idea. She has a fake laugh that cracks us up, she keeps spare change under the gas cap of her plastic car, if you can't find her she is hiding to go the bathroom (we are working on potty training), everything right now is "I do it myself", she takes about a 3 1/2 hour nap every afternoon, she loves the church nursery and runs to her class, she goes nuts when her daddy comes home and asks where he is every morning when I go into her room, she loves to take a bath (on her way with daddy to take one right now), she loves to play with her kitchen and will "maka you a hot dog or a faffle (waffle)" when you come to see her, got a haircut this weekend from Grandma Johnson and no longer has a mullet, said out loud in hobby lobby this week that she tooted and had everyone around us laughing, likes to go and visit our neighbor baby Chapman and his mama Brande (Shelby calls them Mista Chaman and baby mama), she talks on the phone everyday, carries a purse with her to where ever we go, hates to wear blue jeans and will throw a fit if I try and put them on her, wears 3t clothes (yes she is destined to be tall), freaked out when she was to take a picture with Santa Claus and told me later that night that she was scared of him, tells me she is scared of monsters, recites lines from the lion king "they call me Mr. Pig", keeps a banana plantation in business, huffs, puffs, throws her head and crosses her arms when she is mad, ironically her daddy can impersonate the fit quite well and sometimes they do it together, in a fit of anger one day she yelled at me that I was a "tooty booty kitty", loves animals, was dancing in her carseat this week and as I was about to pull forward sang "go mama, it's my mama's birthday", we drove past a horse with his head stuck out of the window of the horse trailer and she told me she saw a horse in the backseat, gives us hugs and kisses every day, tells us she loves us everyday, I got my haircut and when I got home she told me that she "loved my haircut, missed me, and was proud of me", calls ice cream "ums comes"........she is just the best and we love her!!!
Here are some pictures from tonight of Shelby enjoying a cupcake!

It is just so good when it hits my tongue.