Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Your Request....

So, we went to the valley this weekend and the question I was asked the most was when was I going to update the blog. So, here goes....

Surprise (sarcasm), we're pregnant....quick run down....due November 6th according to the ultrasound....how did I tell Ross - I had Shelby tell him she wanted to tell him a secret. This usually means she is going to stick her tongue in his ear (you know who taught her that, so beware if she wants to tell you a secret). I told her to tell him she was going to be a big sister. She instead said, "I'm going to be your big sister". He still got it and shot me a look. It was somewhere between shock and shock and are you serious. This baby was not a surprise for us but not exactly planned out either. The Johnson extended family are notoriously fertile and we are no different. I've been sick, really really sick. I am feeling a lot better but still feel like the world is spinning fast and really the only thing that helps is laying flat. I am basically worthless so a big "You're Amazing" goes out to Ross. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow.

Easter was a blast and Shelby had so much fun seeing everyone and playing with her cousins. There were lots of Easter egg hunts and she still has one more round of egg hunting to go. She is doing well at school and only has a month left. She will be going to "summer school" one week out of every month this summer. Most of her little friends will be in her class and then she starts again in the fall. Her schedule for next year is T, W, Th 9-2. She has learned a lot and I am very thankful we put her in preschool. Swim lessons are still going great. She still enjoys her teacher, Ms. Tracy, and does not leave her lesson without giving her a hug.

Ross enjoyed his time in the valley and went fishing, golfing and revisited his childhood and played some video games with his brother. They were laughing so hard that Sarah and I just laughed and rolled our eyes. They are such little kids when they get together, it's great. Ross' company sent out letters notifying 650 people out of the 1500 at the plant that they would be losing their jobs in mid June. Thankfully, Ross dodged the third round of layoffs and did not get a letter. They sent them out so that people got them over the weekend so today is the first day that Ross has been back at work since they were notified. Probably not a great atmosphere at the moment. Ross is still taking his Tuesday night class at work (that is where he is now). His last class is the first week of June. He takes his 4th test this Friday and then will take his final test once the class is over. He has done so well at it and it will be huge on his resume, when the time comes to update it.

As for me, real estate stinks. It is slow and I am not enjoying it at all at the moment. I am trying to do as much in the little time that I have left before the baby gets here but I seem to be going around in circles. I know someone needs a million dollar ranch out there, I just know it :).

What else??? Yeah we are boring so pretty much nothing. Oh yes, my sister, Kristen, is getting married (9/10/11) and I am the matron of honor and Shelby is a flower girl (as I cringe). The last time she was a flower girl did not go well and was very stressful so I am hoping the year and a half will make a difference and she will walk down the aisle to stand with mommy.