Monday, August 9, 2010


Here are some pictures (the grandparents are rejoicing). The pics are newest to oldest. Stay tuned for pictures from Karyn Kayle Photography. No pressure or rush Karyn! Check out her blog and website she is pretty much amazing!

P.S. I am having an mri done on Friday morning to find out what damage volleyball has done in the past on my shoulder. I am in a lot of pain and having problems lifting my arm above my shoulder. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have surgery, yuck!!!

Either that is a Gig'em or you just missed the "Shelby wink".

Her daddy took this picture and told her to make the cutest face she could.

mid flippie

Yeah, I didn't tell her to do this.
I've never whined or thrown a fit a day in my life! P.S. Did you know I am a supermodel?

Making blueberry pancakes one Saturday morning in her fleece jammies (we keep it cold in our house) and yes she picked out the wisk to my mixer all by herself.
Gotta love that hair!

Shelby was hanging out the window calling a cow. She would do the standard cattle call (if you don't know what that is I can't explain it) and then she would say, "come here cow, I have some money for you". She has never been bribed with money before.........okay maybe once......

Shelby's daddy and grandpa working cows.

Papa and Shelby on Magnolia beach in Port Lavaca. We pulled onto the beach and shelby said, "Where is my bathing suit?" She got to go in her diaper since she spilled something on her pants. We couldn't stay long but she loved it.

Ross' cousin Kayla and Shelby playing the piano.