Monday, December 31, 2007

An Update

I thought I would post an update on the RSV situation that is being passed around over here. We are all sick! Yuck. Ross is the worst off and I am just weak. Maybe I am just exhausted! Shelby is singing to me from the floor right now. She has not gotten any worse and maybe a little better. She just shows occasional symptoms of a cough, a sneeze, a fever, etc. She is still very smiley and talkative. We are still giving her breathing treatments. She does not mind them very much. Ross did go to work today. He is only working a half day and then his boss' boss is taking everyone to Dave & Buster's. Dave & Buster's is Chuck E Cheese for adults. We do expect daddy to come home with some sort of cheesy prize for Shelby from all of the tickets he wins playing all the games.

We are really sad because Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Charlie were supposed to come and stay with us yesterday before they had back to San Diego. We ended up having to call them and tell them it probably would not be a good idea since we were all sick and not moving too swift. We will have to make a trip to San Diego to see them when Uncle Charlie gets back from Iraq.

We did have plans for tonight to go to a casino night party. Those are definitely canceled. Hopefully it will be a quiet night at home. I did have lots of people call and check up on Shelby and we really appreciate the calls and prayers. Grandma and Grandpa Leyendecker have been calling everyday from Sonora. This is no easy task as they have to climb the tallest hill on the ranch and then some rocks on top of the hill to get their cell phones to work. Usually it is grandpa that calls but yesterday grandpa drug grandma up the rocks to find out the diagnosis.

I had a conversation with one of my grandmas about how Shelby is a big strong girl and she would be fine. That reminded me of something that happened at the Harlingen airport that I thought was funny. We were standing in line to board the plane behind a couple that I would say was in their seventies. They turned around and looked at Ross holding Shelby and the lady looked at me and said, "We had one that looked just like her and now she is 6'5". It is amazing that people can see that she is big for her age. She just looks like every other baby to me, except much cuter!

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Was Inevitable!

Well, it is Saturday morning and Shelby and I just got back from the doctor's office. Shelby has RSV causing bronchealitis. She has been running a low grade temperature for the last few days, has a cough, and a runny nose. Unfortunately, it is not bacterial so her little body is going to have to fight it on its own. We do have to give her breathing treatments to help her breathing/wheezing. Christmas was filled with sick people on both sides of our family and Ross is on antibiotics and sick at the moment also; thus, it was inevitable. The doctor said she will be sick for about a week and if it gets really bad to call her. She did say that she has the advantage of being breast fed and should not get really bad because of this. Of course Grandma Leyendecker, R.N. is out of town until Tuesday and is in the boonies where her cell phone doesn't work. Somehow Shelby is still very smiley...amazing.....I hope to be posting better news soon.

Linda - I know you read the blog....when the doctor told me RSV all I could think about was when Colton was in Texas Children's ICU with RSV. I hope little Kade makes it thru cold season without dealing with any of this.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Leyendecker Christmas

Christmas is now officially over for the Johnson family. We went to my parent's house last night and had dinner and opened presents. Shelby got to meet more "cousins". She met Lacey and Tink. I know you are thinking who names their kid Tink....see the picture below.

Shelby's "cousins" spent the rest of the evening in the laundry room because they wanted to love on her and she is just a little small for their loving. It won't be long before she pulls on their long ears and tails and they are running from her.

Grandma and Grandpa Leyendecker and aunt Kristen were happy to see Shelby and missed her over Christmas. Here is Grandpa and Shelby....

Shelby really enjoyed standing by the fire.

Here is Shelby and Grandma. No one ever looks at the camera when they are holding her. She's just that cute!

Shelby hauled in the presents again. We opened presents from my family as well as all of my grandparents (since we missed their Christmas'). The four walls of our house are starting to really move in on us. I found myself today trying to figure out where to put everything.

Here is Shelby modeling her newest pair of cowboy boots that one of her great-grandmas bought her. Have you ever seen cuter thighs?

Aunt Kristen had just gotten home from work and was still in her scrubs. She was sick and decided to hide behind Shelby's stocking. Shelby's G.G. Muske made this for her.

Most of you know that Ross bought his own Christmas present over Thanksgiving. Ross bought a bow on ebay. I told him do not get me anything because after Christmas I'm going to the spa to have these "Shelby" knots worked out of my back. He didn't listen....

You know your husband is in construction when your Christmas present is wrapped in a construction trash bag with black duct tape and "I love you" in fluorescent green painter's tape. Most of you know that this is my husband's sense of humor and from what he tells me all the guys at work were in on it. Thanks boys.....beware next time you eat dinner at my house!!!!
In the beautifully wrapped gift was a chair massager (which I have already used) and taped to the front was a gift certificate for 2 1/2 hours of massages. I think I might complain a lot about my back!!!! I luv u 2 Ross.

Well thanks to all of my family for the gifts. Sorry we missed Christmas but you get us next year!

And now a little mention for Shelby's latest trick. Tonight Shelby was scooting around on one of her blankets and turned on the stereo with her foot. I think she likes to listen to music like her parents.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Round 2, The Johnson Christmas

Well, we are back from Harlingen and the Johnson Christmas. I didn't think we were going to get back since we spent 2 hours on the ground in the plane this morning in Harlingen. Our plane was missing a bolt on a bracket that holds up a brake line. The captain got on the intercom about 30 minutes into sitting on the plane and said..."good news they have found the bolt but now they have to find a washer". What?!? Oh well, Shelby did great sitting on the plane and during both flights. No tears or fussing!

Shelby seems to be over her anxiety of crowds and did quite well. She turned on the charm quite often for the holidays. Shelby met lots of new family members. Here is a picture with Shelby and her cousin Cooper. Cooper is 7 weeks older than Shelby. Poor Cooper was really sick and is at the doctor this afternoon in Harlingen. We hope you feel better Cooper!

These two are both so cute!

Here are some more of Shelby's cousins.

Shelby's cousin Bailey is standing in front of Grandma Johnson's pink Christmas tree. As you can see Bailey has a thing for purses and dress up. She never carries just ONE purse. Bailey kept telling me that her cousin baby Shelby was so "cuwute".

Here is Shelby's cousin Cade (Bailey's brother). Cade is still into swords!

The matching pink girls - - Shelby and Grandma Johnson

Saturday night we went to Ross' aunt Tami and uncle Lynn's house for chili with the whole family. Here is a picture of Shelby with her uncle Josh (Ross' brother-in-law) watching football (one of Shelby's favorite things to do).

Here are pictures from Sunday. We went to church Sunday morning and that evening we had all the extended extended family at the church for dinner.

Here is grandma with her girls on Sunday morning. They happen to have similar Christmas dresses.

Our happy little family!!!

On Monday night we went to Ross' grandparent's house for dinner, an ornament exchange, and to see Santa Claus!!!!

Here is Shelby with her aunt Kristi (Ross' sister and Cade and Bailey's mom).

A true South Texas boots and all......

Santa and Shelby....she may not be looking at the camera but at least she is not screaming.... Santa brought Shelby a huge stuffed Elmo and $$$ at her Great-Grandmas.

Monday night was also Shelby's uncle Charlie's birthday. Uncle Charlie (Ross' brother-in-law) is an officer with the marines. Grandma Johnson bribed Bailey with a cookie to dress up in this marine costume. What you can not see is the sequined shoes she is wearing with the costume. Uncle Charlie will be leaving in the next month to six weeks for his first tour of Iraq. We are very proud of uncle Charlie and are already planning on sending him care packages of brownies (his favorite).

Here is Ross' cousin Keith with Shelby and Bailey. Keith lives and works on one of the largest yachts in the world. He works very hard but gets to see and visit so many wonderful places. We are all very jealous of his travels.

Tuesday we spent Christmas morning opening our presents and then the extended family came over to Ross' parents house for ANOTHER meal. I don't have to eat for a week.

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson spoiled us once again. Is there a 1-800 number for people with shopping problems???

Grandma and Shelby before the start of opening presents. Grandma Leyendecker bought Shelby her pajamas that say "baby's first Christmas". Unfortunately, these were destroyed about 3 presents into opening up the 75 or so that were under the tree by a very EXPLOSIVE diaper.

Shelby's cousin Tyler (Cooper's brother) got a 4 wheeler for Christmas. It looks like a mini version of Ross' and all you have to do is push the button on the handle bars and it goes. Bailey nicknamed Tyler Dean....Tyler Dean Dong. We could not help but laugh every time she said it.

Shelby got some really cute clothes for Christmas including her first set of camouflage. Grandma Johnson would be proud if I add that there is pink in this camouflage. Also, she got lots of great books, toys, ornaments, and clothes.

A girl can never have too many high heels....

or rings.....right Bailey?

Shelby sleeping thru the opening of presents in outfit #2.

Grandma opening her presents on Grandpa's lap. Grandpa had a lot of fun with his kids and grand kids during Christmas. I'm hoping that Grandpa does not pass out when he gets the credit card bill.

Here is Cade with his two $10 bills that were in his stocking. He is waving them and yelling to uncle Ross that he is RICH! Don't you hate it when people brag about their fat wallets?

Aunt Kelsey (Ross' sister) and Shelby. Baby is a good color on you PAK!

Bailey holding Shelby. Shelby was not too happy about this. Shelby knows a "rookie" when she sees one (including her mama).

The Johnsons

standing left to right - - me, Ross, Shelby, Travis, Charlie Stocker, Kelsey Stocker, Bailey Horton, Josh Horton

seated left to right - - Sarah, Cooper, Cheryl, Richard, Tyler, Kristi Horton, Cade Horton

We had a blast with our family in South Texas. Merry Christmas and hope to see you all again soon!!! Oh yeah, I guess I should say Feliz Navidad......And tonight round 3, the Leyendecker Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Next Great Adventure

Well now that Shelby thinks she has mastered rolling onto her tummy she is on to bigger and better things. Shelby has been working hard this week on trying to crawl. I know you think I'm crazy because she is not even 3 1/2 months but that is what she is doing. She gets frustrated but keeps trying. I tried to capture some pictures of this. She can get her booty and half her tummy off the ground. I am not really ready for this adventure. I'm a little nervous because as soon as she flips onto her tummy she crawls in place extremely fast (moving her legs and arms but getting no where). One day I guess she will just take off!!!!!!

The look of frustration!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Hahn Christmas

We had our first round of Christmas this weekend in Port Lavaca. As usual this included lots of family, FOOD and fun! Shelby did quite well in the car and did not fuss at all. She even slept the whole way home on Sunday....she was worn out and not the only one. Shelby got to meet PAK (Psycho Aunt Kelsey) and twenty or so other people that she had never met before. Just like at Thanksgiving she had a little meltdown as soon as we got to Ross' grandparent's house. We've decided that she freaks out with lots of new faces and being passed the end of the weekend she was much better. It could be interesting at the Johnson Christmas as there will be even more people!

This weekend we also decided that she is very aware of who Ross and I are and she calms down when we take her. It is a great feeling to be needed by your child. Shelby did her best to charm everyone....she fell asleep in grandpa Johnson's arms, had a "conversation" with uncle David, and a few of the family members had the pleasure of being spit up on....Shelby is really sorry!!! And thanks to Uncle Dale, Aunt Linda, and girls for letting us crash at your house. Shelby and I slept until 9:30 on Sunday so we were obviously quite comfortable. Also, thanks to Uncle David, Aunt Cissy, and family for letting us stay so many times in the past. We are trying to rotate amongst the invites since I know you all enjoy hearing Ross snore SO much. Shelby enjoyed Port Lavaca and being loved on by everyone but she was very aware of when we got home. She was happy to see her favorite ceiling fan (whom she talks to often) and was EXTREMELY smiley and talkative all evening. I think she is a homebody like her mama.

I have been fighting a little bug for the last couple of days and I am praying it is over with before it really gets started. Christmas stresses me out every year and I end up getting sick.

Shelby wants to say Happy Birthday to her Aunt Kristen who turned 21 on Saturday. Shelby is quite talkative with her Aunt Kristen. Their "conversations" usually consists of something like... how are we going to drive your mom crazy when you get older?? It bothers me that Shelby finds this amusing!

Ross tells me all the time that I ramble too much on here and I need to get to the point....oh well...I will leave you with some pictures that Ross took this weekend.

Shelby's cousin Tyler enjoyed walking in these cowboy boots.

Bless his heart!

Ross' Aunt Linda and cousin Emily. Shelby is telling her Papa-razzi I told you no more pictures.

Here is a lovely shot of Ross' cousin Kevin. You might think that there was something in Kevin's eggnog. No, this is what happens when Ross and Kevin get together.

Ross' cousins Amanda and Kayla. At the moment they are probably not claiming Kevin as their brother.

Grandma Johnson is loving the kisses that she is receiving from Shelby's cousin Cooper (7 weeks older) and next to Grandma is the infamous PAK. Shelby loved her time with all three.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who said there is no sleeping with a baby in the house???

Here is Shelby and her daddy at 8:45 on Saturday night. One is snoring and the other drooling.

And Shelby and her granny Leyendecker on Thursday afternoon. Notice there is no pictures of mommy sleeping with Shelby!

Daddy and Shelby (mini Ross) enjoy some tummy time together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Well, we put up our tree this weekend. We went back and forth whether we were going to do this since we won't be in town for Christmas and we decided that we would do it for Shelby. Of course Shelby looks at the tree occasionally but doesn't really seem interested. Ross drug everything down from the attic put the tree together and started unpacking ornaments while I decorated. All Ross asked for was one certain ornament the whole time he was unwrapping them. We finally realized there was another box in the attic that held his prize ornament. Every other year we spend Christmas with Ross' extended families (the Johnsons and the Hahns) and at the Johnson Christmas everyone brings an ornament and we play a white elephant game with them. In true Johnson form most of these are not "oh what a beautiful ornament" these are who can bring the funniest/craziest. Also, who is going to steal is also fun. Well Ross two years ago got his prize ornament, which, he stole. Ross loves the movie "The Christmas Story" and is always quoting it around Christmas. "You'll shoot your eye out kid." If you have never seen the movie the rest of the story will not mean as much. Our tree is decorated in gold and cream balls, bows, precious memories, and an angel on top. Oh yeah and Ross' prize ornament.

A miniature version of the leg lamp from the Christmas story movie. It actually is hard to find on the tree.....thank goodness. Sorry Johnsons this one is not coming back this year but Ross is very proud of the one he is bringing. Aren't ya'll scared???

Our tree without the tree skirt or gifts. I know....I'm working on it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

She Did It!!!

Shelby rolled over from her back to her tummy this morning. We knew it was coming soon. I am so glad she waited until Saturday to do it so her daddy could see her do it for the first time. Grandma Leyendecker got to see it also as we were in the kitchen making cookies for Christmas baskets for grandpa's clients. Daddy was not nearly as excited as mommy!!! She did keep her thumb in her mouth the whole way over.

Ross' aunt Ann, uncle Mark, and cousin Kyle (the Juds) had their first view of Shelby yesterday. In true form mom forgot to take pictures! I wonder when that part of being a mommy is going to kick in??? Shelby was not as smiley and talkative as usual because aunt Kristen woke her up from her nap to see everyone. We went out to eat with the Juds and aunt Sherry. Shelby screamed the whole way home and had broken out in a rash. Grandma Leyendecker came over and checked it out. She was allergic to something she came into contact with because it was only where she had exposed skin. We are going to say, just for fun, that it was uncle Mark that she was allergic to! It is gone this morning. She had a full day yesterday and slept 13 hours (she got up twice to eat).

I'm almost there. Look at those rolls!!!!

I did it!

Just a fun picture. Shelby wore this hat to go to grandpa's office to do some work. Grandpa thought she was really cute!

Friday, December 7, 2007

3 Months

Shelby is officially 3 months old today. When I think about the last 3 months I get very tired. I have to say that we have been truly blessed because she has been pretty easy from labor on. At 3 months her favorite thing is her left thumb. She has it in her mouth a lot and even though we tried to go the pacifier route, she chose the thumb. It is nice though because she can put herself to sleep. If you dare take it out of her mouth you better have something better to replace it or you are going to get yelled at in baby talk! She has quite an attitude about it. Her second favorite thing is her jumperoo. She smiles, squeals, and talks the whole time she is in it. And her third favorite is bath time.

I do have to make a mention of a habit/ritual. Shelby has a toilet. I know what you are thinking, this is something only a mom would mention. Shelby's grandma Johnson bought her a chair that vibrates. You are supposed to strap them in this chair so you can take a shower, cook, etc. and she has always loved it. This has turned out to be the "poopey chair". This is the only place Shelby will go, with extremely few exceptions. We will be busy and not have time to put her in the "poopey chair" and she will not go. Finally, when I have time, which can be a day and a half later, I will put her in the chair and within 10 minutes it is a done deal. We can't help but laugh about it sometimes. The "poopey chair" has never failed us. I don't know what she is going to do over Christmas without it!

Shelby is still in love with her daddy. She smiles at him when he comes home from work and wishes she could see him more often. Ross has been working a lot lately. He has a lot of houses to get closed before Christmas and this morning he was out the door at 5am and we probably will not see him until 6pm. He works hard for us, and Shelby and I really appreciate it.

Shelby still gets lots of attention from her grandma and grandpa Leyendecker. Grandma stops by pretty much everyday on her way home from work. I know her grandma and grandpa Johnson are probably a little jealous but it is all due to geography. Shelby is excited to see them next weekend in Port Lavaca at her great-grandparent's house. It will be the first of three rounds of Shelby's first Christmas. There will be lots of family members for Shelby to meet.

On the 20th Shelby will be taking her first plane ride. It just so happens that our plane to Harlingen starts out in Jacksonville and stops in Houston before heading to Harlingen. Shelby's aunt Kristi, uncle Josh (Josh maybe flying in at a different time due to work. I'm not sure.), cousin Cade, and cousin Bailey will be on the plane when we board. Shelby will be meeting her aunt, uncle, and cousins for the first time on a Southwest Airlines plane. We booked our tickets at different times and found out later that we booked the same flight. I think this story should get us some free plane tickets from Southwest. We will be in Harlingen for almost 5 days for Christmas and Shelby will also be meeting her aunt Kelsey and uncle Charlie (Charlie is stationed at Camp Pendleton near San Diego) for the first time. For those of you that don't know Kelsey we call her PAK. PAK stands for Psycho Aunt Kelsey. Kelsey gets a little psycho about her nieces and nephews and I know she has been counting down the days until she gets to see all of them. Well I have rambled enough this morning....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

There is Always Something New!

It seems like everyday, lately, Shelby is trying and or doing something new. Today she is trying very hard to get on her tummy. She has been spending lots of time this morning on her side. I think she would be on her tummy if it wasn't for the thumb that has to be in her mouth at all times. She starts on her back and throws herself over with a grunt. The best way I can describe it is the sound people make when they are playing tennis and trying to hit the ball really hard.

Here is a picture of this mornings adventure. Shelby is laying on one of two quilts that her G.G. Muske made. Shelby has been blessed with lots of beautiful handmade presents!

I thought I would take a shot of her dark hair. You should see her sheets. There is no denying that she is losing her hair when you look at them. Lots of little dark hairs!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shelby's Favorite Toy

We tried out something new this morning. Since Shelby loves to stand on your lap we put Shelby in her jumperoo and it was a big hit! She was so excited and there were lots of smiles. She even reached out and grabbed one of the toys. We did have to put a box under her feet because she does not quite reach. Thanks to Aunt Diana and Uncle Tony for the jumperoo!