Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bossy Is My Name

Here is a video of Shelby when we were waiting in a drive thru. This is what I get sitting in line at the bank, at a red light, etc. First, Shelby is talking about pictures of her cousin Callie eating her toes and then she shows her true character. She gets her backseat driving from her daddy. All of you that have experienced Ross' backseat driving, please leave a comment. Can you tell I am tired of Ross denying he does it :)?

This One's for Callie

Shelby loves to look at pictures of babies and more specifically of her cousin, Callie. She goes to my computer and points to it and says baby. This means pull up Callie's blog, I need to see pictures of her. After viewing the pictures of Callie eating her toes, Shelby felt inspired. So, Callie, this one is for you!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

I have a friend, named Ashley, who is a great photographer who is gracious enough to take pictures of my listings for basically nothing. She happens to live in my subdivision and has a daughter, named Avery, a few months older than Shelby. Shelby and I met Ashley and Avery at a new listing to take pictures of the house. The sellers have a sweet kitty that the girls played with while Ashley did her thing. Here is a picture of the girls after they chased the cat behind the couch.

Shelby LOVES kitties! Thanks for such a great pic Ashley!