Friday, February 26, 2010

Give Me a Wink

This child cracks me up!!! The other day she just started randomly winking. It is the funniest thing because it is so exaggerated and we ask her to do it all the time now. It is bad quality video from my phone but I think you get the idea.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ta Da.....We are Back

Yeah, I haven't blogged in forever. Trust me I have heard that from everyone.

There is no way that I can let you all in on what all has been going on since I blogged. Each day is an adventure in this house and we are going to just have to call that lost time and move forward.

Shelby is getting bigger and smarter by the second. She is talking our ears off and has a hilarious sense of humor and makes me laugh every day.
We had a great Christmas in the Valley and then back here in Katy. The only thing could have been better is we were all a little under the weather, but who wasn't this Christmas.

I finished the year with my last closing on December 31st. I had a really great year in real estate and am thankful for the clients that came may way. I had set a goal for myself for the year and ended up doing 350% more business than my goal. At one point one of our neighbors that I grew up with asked if everything was okay with Ross and I because he never saw our trucks there at the same time. LOL......the answer to that is yes, for a couple of months there, he would get home from work and I would meet him in the driveway with Shelby so that I could go to work. It is amazing how God works things out.....after the costs of getting my license etc. I made almost to the penny what Ross took in a paycut. Praise God we survived 2009!!!! Thanks to Granny Leyendecker, Papa Leyendecker, and Great Grandma Doris for all of the help babysitting when Ross couldn't be here. I would have not been able to do it without ya'll!!!!

On that note, Ross received a promotion last week!!!! Less than a year after starting with the company and he already is bossing someone else around, besides me! Congrats to Ross, Shelby and I are very very proud of you. Ross will have to tell you what he does because I don't exactly know, except he got promoted to where he is over the guys that do what he used to do. Just call him Bossy Rossy!!!

Okay, so back to who you really want to know about......lil miss thang herself....known in this house as monkey, crazy hair, shelbs, chunky monkey, tooty get the idea. She has a fake laugh that cracks us up, she keeps spare change under the gas cap of her plastic car, if you can't find her she is hiding to go the bathroom (we are working on potty training), everything right now is "I do it myself", she takes about a 3 1/2 hour nap every afternoon, she loves the church nursery and runs to her class, she goes nuts when her daddy comes home and asks where he is every morning when I go into her room, she loves to take a bath (on her way with daddy to take one right now), she loves to play with her kitchen and will "maka you a hot dog or a faffle (waffle)" when you come to see her, got a haircut this weekend from Grandma Johnson and no longer has a mullet, said out loud in hobby lobby this week that she tooted and had everyone around us laughing, likes to go and visit our neighbor baby Chapman and his mama Brande (Shelby calls them Mista Chaman and baby mama), she talks on the phone everyday, carries a purse with her to where ever we go, hates to wear blue jeans and will throw a fit if I try and put them on her, wears 3t clothes (yes she is destined to be tall), freaked out when she was to take a picture with Santa Claus and told me later that night that she was scared of him, tells me she is scared of monsters, recites lines from the lion king "they call me Mr. Pig", keeps a banana plantation in business, huffs, puffs, throws her head and crosses her arms when she is mad, ironically her daddy can impersonate the fit quite well and sometimes they do it together, in a fit of anger one day she yelled at me that I was a "tooty booty kitty", loves animals, was dancing in her carseat this week and as I was about to pull forward sang "go mama, it's my mama's birthday", we drove past a horse with his head stuck out of the window of the horse trailer and she told me she saw a horse in the backseat, gives us hugs and kisses every day, tells us she loves us everyday, I got my haircut and when I got home she told me that she "loved my haircut, missed me, and was proud of me", calls ice cream "ums comes"........she is just the best and we love her!!!
Here are some pictures from tonight of Shelby enjoying a cupcake!

It is just so good when it hits my tongue.