Monday, December 29, 2008


I will post the pictures shortly.............

Where to begin? Christmas has been chaos as usual. We have had 4 rounds and the 5th will be January 1st with the Johnson side of the family. I feel like all I have done is eat for a month and I can assure you we have wiped out a small flock of turkeys in our family.

So lets start....we started off the weekend before Christmas at my dad's mother's house. We ate and ate and opened presents. One turkey down......Shelby got some cute little miniature pans and a spatula that are actually real from my grandma. She is a typical child in that she likes to play with pot and pans. The big hit of that Christmas, for Shelby, was my cousin's stuffed bob cat that was at grandma's house. She hugged it, petted it, showed us where the nose is, etc.

Ross' parents had come up to eat with part of the extended Johnson family that were flying out to Kansas City for Christmas. Ross' cousin Karyn and her husband Steve recently moved there from DC. Karyn is due in June with a little girl. We got to eat with Ross' grandparents, and quite a few aunts, uncles, and cousins. No turkeys were harmed in that gathering.

The next round was Christmas eve at my dad's father's house. Shelby chased the barn cats around and did hold one for a little while. After that, she would walk up to them and stick her arms out as if she was saying jump in my arms. Aunt Kristen took her to see grandpa's turkeys and taught her to gobble. Now she gobbles at us. It's pretty cute! Shelby got some dvds, money for her college fund, and her step great grandmother's rocking chair that belonged to her as a child. We enjoyed a Christmas bonfire but had to leave to get Shelby to bed. One more turkey sacrificed for our consumption.

Christmas night we went to my parent's house. Shelby had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone including her cousin Tink. Tink and Shelby played all night and Shelby loved to get kisses from Tink! She even learned how to throw Tink's toys so that Tink would get them and bring them back. Shelby got more things than I remember....lots of clothes, cute Aggie sandals, a stuffed kitty that looks like a bob cat (although Ross tells us it is a snow leopard), a tricycle, dvds, etc. It's good to be the first grandchild :). She opened the presents from us as well. We got her a kitty (or in Shelby's words "itty") purse, some dvds, a plastic giraffe that you ride on, and a noah's ark toy. It was a white meat free night.....

This past weekend we went to my mom's parent's house. Shelby enjoyed being with everybody including Tink again. She spent some of the day outside and did her version of skipping in the leaves. The only way I can explain her skipping is she goes up on her tippy toes instead of getting her feet off the ground. It is pretty cute and grandma Leyendecker got a big kick out of it. Shelby got some more clothes, a couple of toys, and some money for college. We supported the turkey farmers once again.

And now I know why I am exhausted..............

Monday, December 15, 2008

48 HRS

Ross just came back from West Texas without a deer. He saw some bucks but didn't get to shoot any. While Ross was gone we were going to have time to Christmas shop, etc. Shelby decided otherwise. The morning that Ross left Shelby was sneezing and I knew what was coming. Ross had been terribly sick and lovingly passed it to Shelby. Lovingly because I am sure it had to do with the millions of kisses that he can't help but give her. Well, she got full blown, miserable sick as I posted last time and thankfully Grandma Leyendecker came to help us. For 48 hours Shelby was just absolutely miserable. She is much better now and just a little snotty. Before I post some pictures I do have to tell a little side story. It is a little off color so if you get offended easily stop here and just scroll down to the pictures. So the story goes that we were eating dinner tonight and Ross decided that he needed to burp (I know it's disgusting but it happens) and it was pretty loud. Immediately after it was over Shelby looked right at him and did her best impression of the burp she just heard. It was hilarious, at least I thought so. Enjoy the pictures.

This is sick Shelby. This is actually the second day of being sick and she was doing much better at this point. She is camped out on the playroom floor watching Elmo with her sippy cup of Dr. Pepper laced with Tylenol. Am I a bad mom? And then the day after that.....

She is back to climbing the walls or her horsey.

And yes she stands straight up and lets go with her hands. Trick riding must be from Ross' side of the family. My balance is not that good.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Bean Pole

Shelby had a checkup this week. She was 32 1/2 inches long (95th percentile) and 22 lbs. 3 ozs. (45th percentile). I told the dr. she eats all the time and he told me to continue feeding her as she is hungry because she is needing the calories to grow. He then looked at her chart and said she is on target for being 5'10. He did say +/- 3 inches but his best estimate was 5'10. She had two shots and was a trooper.

Ross has been terribly sick but decided to go to West Texas hunting anyways and left yesterday morning. I don't understand guys!!! This morning Shelby woke up with the same crude that Ross has and she is MISERABLE. She was crying and head butting me and just plain feeling bad! I called the nurse (aka Grandma Leyendecker) and she said to give her something cold and recommended coke. I gave Shelby some Dr. Pepper and she smiled thru her snot and nodded her head. She just started nodding her head yes and no this week.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going Backwards....

Oh, where to begin....the last two weeks, they have been a whirlwind. I am going to start with the most recent and go backwards. We just returned from Port Lavaca. Usually this is to just visit with the Hahn side of Ross' family. This time it was not so laid back and fun. Ross' grandpa Hahn passed away on Sunday. We were 30 minutes from being home from Thanksgiving when we got the call. We unpacked the truck, did 7 loads of laundry, and repacked. Tuesday morning we picked up Ross' sisters from the airport. Kelsey flew in from San Diego and Kristi from Jacksonville. It was good to see them but we wish it was under better circumstances. The viewing and funeral went as to be expected. Lots of tears and hugs. The consensus is that Grandpa Hahn is either fishing or flying right now in Heaven.

The memory that sticks out the most for me of Grandpa Hahn is this.....Ross' Uncle David brought Ross' Grandpa up to Columbus a couple of years ago to go fishing. Ross and his grandpa fished and fished and fished. My dad kept telling me, tell Grandpa Hahn he can come in and take a nap in the cabin and I've never seen anyone enjoy fishing so much, especially at his age. Grandpa Hahn was probably 83 or 84 at this time. The memory that sticks with me is Uncle David, my dad, my mom and myself were standing on the hill looking at them fish. Ross and his Grandpa were in one of those plastic paddle boats that we all love to ride in as kids. You know the kind where you feel like you are peddling a bike. They were facing away from us and I pointed out how the boat was really leaning Ross' way. Now you could take that the wrong way and think that I was making a comment about Ross size. Well I was. It dawned on me when I saw this, how cute it was to see Ross peddling his little Grandpa around the pond. It made me feel like even though it was obvious that Ross was not a kid anymore he still got joy out of simply going fishing with his grandpa. I wonder what the fishing is like in heaven?

Ross is now terribly sick. I'm sure it is due to the lack of sleep and stress.

Thanksgiving we headed to the ranch that Ross' grandma Hahn grew up on in Oakville. There were lots of family, food, and tents. Shelby decided that she would revisit the first week of her life and not sleep very well the first night. We were sleeping on the porch of the house and at 3am we moved into the tent with Ross. At this point she had already been up 5 times. I think she was cold. Needless to say, Sarah, Cooper, Shelby, Grandma Johnson, and myself spent the rest of the nights in the hotel. The guys enjoyed hunting and the girls enjoyed being with the kids.

We were at Oakville from Wednesday thru Sunday and these are the only pictures I took. Shelby decided that she would walk over, plop herself down by her daddy's truck and play in the dirt.

This is good quality dirt. See how easily it moves thru my fingers.

Come on mom, there is room for you down here.

Before we left for Thanksgiving, Grandma Leyendecker, Aunt Kristen, Shelby and I decided to go watch the tree lighting in downtown Katy. The parks department provided the snow. Shelby loved the snow and we couldn't get her away from it. We finally took her over to where they were going to light the tree and she made a mad dash back to the snow. I guess we will have to take her to New Mexico sledding when she gets a little older. Aunt Kristen and I enjoyed that as kids.

Taking Aunt Kristen for a walk in the snow.

Touching snow for the first time. Notice the short sleeves. It was really warm.

Ross and I experienced a first a couple of weeks ago. We went to a Quincenera. For those of you that do not know what this is the fifteenth birthday party for a girl in the Mexican culture. They are very extravagant and often cost more than their weddings. We had a good time and it was an experience to say the least. Out of the 300 or so people there, we and the couple that came with us were the only white people there. The birthday girl is the daughter of one of Ross' contractors. They were extremely nice to us and treated us like we were special. We have to give a shout out to Aunt Sherry for watching Shelby. We really appreciate it.
And back to two weeks ago. Ross took a couple of days off of work and we went to the North Zulch area to see Ross' sister Kelsey and husband Charlie. They were in from San Diego to go to a wedding and stayed over at Charlie's family's ranch for a couple extra days. We had a lot of fun with them riding four wheelers, playing speed scrabble, and watching elmo. Yes we watched elmo over and over again. Thanks to the Stockers for allowing us to come and crash the party.

Uncle Charlie and his motorcycle mama.

Aunt Kelsey, I can do this up and down the stairs stuff all day long. Kelsey is due in April with baby Callie. We can't wait!

Do we look alike?

Shelby loved the four wheelers. Now when our neighbors fire up their motorcycles Shelby starts whining to go along.

Shelby's very first four wheeler ride. It was freezing so we bundled her up.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Luv Me Sum Pickles!

I love pickles just like my daddy. Mommy has to buy them in a gallon jar for us!

I gnaw and suck all the juice without making a face.

And scrape the inside out with my four teeth.

I love to let the juice run down my arm. Can you see the juice about to drop off of my elbow?

Rubbing the juice in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know, I know

Yeah, I have not blogged lately, I am fully aware of this. There is no way to update you all on the last couple of weeks so I will hit some high notes. First of all, Shelby is growing so much and getting smarter by the day. This last week has seen her sleeping thru the night! woohoo.....and she is no longer nursing during the day...wooohoo....too much info, I know. Momma is getting back some of her sanity and a little freedom. Pretty soon she will be shipped off to one of the grandmas for the weekend (she has 7).

I passed my real estate exam. Another, woohoo and now that I am not taking classes and preparing for exams I am much less stressed.

Ross is busy at work, thank goodness. He closed another 5 houses in October. I am not sure how he is doing it other than working long days. In six years of building he had his worse homeowners, a couple from Russia, and their house was one of the 5 that closed in October. He is glad to be rid of them. He did come home with some cranberry bread that she had made so she must of at least liked Ross but also liked to be a royal pain. Ross is looking forward to hunting season and it looks like he will be making a trip to Sierra Blanca and maybe Sonora if he can fit it in.

Well back to Shelby, she now gives kisses. This is a huge accomplishment because usually when you say kiss she runs in the other direction. Of course, who gets kisses, mostly daddy and Aunt Kristen. Mommy is a LITTLE jealous. Usually, the only way I get a kiss from her is if I kiss Ross in front of her and then she HAS to give a kiss to both of us right away. You should see her pucker up, she has some lips!

She is obsessed with my purse and has to have it if she sees it. She throws it over her shoulder, gets my keys and cell phone, waves bye bye to me, and then goes and tries to unlock the front door with the keys. Smarty pants....

We had a removable safety fence put up around the pool so Shelby can play in the yard and Ross is working on a sandbox this week for her. She likes digging in the dirt, which is fine with me.

She is also trying to say more things and most of the time she just wants to say daddy.....which is more like deedee. He eats it up!!!

Below is some pictures for your enjoyment. We finally got to see my roommate from college Carrie, her husband Leslie and their new daughter Morgann. We had a good time seeing them and she seems to be a really good baby.

Ross and Shelby's future college roommate, Morgann Lutz.

If Morgann thinks she is coming into my house and taking my daddy, she's wrong!!!!

Another Chinese eyes picture.

Who's the coolest mom?

This is where Shelby waits for Ross to come home, or if I tell her someone is coming over. At the moment she is just watching the guys mow the yard. Truly a Leyendecker and that she is easily entertained!!!

Ross and I went to our friend's house for a Halloween party. Thanks Niesners it was a lot of fun!!! Ross had fun playing Pancho Roscoe and I was a flapper. The dress was not very flattering and made me look 3 feet wide but it was fun just the same. I came home before Ross to take care of Shelby (who was not sleeping thru the night as of yet) and I found her still awake. She had a party too with Grandma Leyendecker and Aunt Kristen. Thanks for watching her!

Here is Shelby in her Snow White costume. She picked it out herself. There was a wall of costumes and she reached out and had to have this one. She was getting over being sick so we didn't trick or treat but we went to eat dinner with her great Aunt Sherry, Great Grandparents Johnson, and Ross' cousin Katie and fiance Jason. She had a blast! Thanks for dinner it was SO GOOD! If you have the Johnson cookbook you gotta make the stuffed shrimp!

Always, wants a closeup.

The new safety fence.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Addition of Another Blog

I have added another blog to our lists that I look at. This is Allison's Cake Business Blog. I went to high school with Allison and love looking at her cakes. The next time I need one I know who I am calling. Check it out!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!

I am getting so bad with these birthdays!! I'm sorry guys.....

Happy Birthday to Shelby's cousin Cade. Cade is a whole 7 years old!!! We hope you enjoyed the day Cade and enjoy playing your new wii.

Cade playing with one of his 500 swords at Christmas. You just think I am exaggerating!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Been Interesting Around Here

It has been some time since I last posted but it has been a blur the last couple of weeks. Since the hurricane Shelby has had a bad cold, she is teething (getting her top two teeth), and has a bad case of poison ivy. I've wanted to jump head first off the roof to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Shelby to the doctor with her poison ivy and they gave me two prescriptions for ointments to put on it. I dropped it off at the pharmacy along with my insurance info and before I had even gotten home they gave me a call to let me know that it was going to be $420....WHAT???....I can't believe I didn't get in a wreck!!! Luckily that was before insurance and it turned out to be $230.....oh what a relief (sarcastic of course). Whatever is in the stuff, I'm assuming crushed up diamonds, has done the trick. It is much better. We don't know where she got it and for the most part it was just on one arm. She is back to her happy smiley self and mommy is feeling less like she wants to walk the plank (that was for you Cade).

Shelby has learned a couple of new things. She has learned how to wipe her own nose. I guess the positive side to having a cold. She has learned where her nose is, of course.

Shelby did go to her first bar. Okay, it is also a restaurant. We went with her grandparents and Aunt Kristen to the Thirsty Parrot. As you can tell from the name it is a really classy place. I promise it has good food. They have a jukebox that plays all the time and they have bands at night. Shelby got in the middle of the dance floor and danced to the jukebox for everyone. She is quite entertaining!!! Some man told Ross that he is going to have his hands full. Uhhhohhh.....

Ross has been super busy at work. He has been putting in 12 and 13 hour days. Cinco Ranch keeps selling like crazy, thank goodness!!!! He comes home exhausted but Shelby makes all the difference......

I have finished my 5 real estate classes and mailed everything into the state today. I have to wait for them to review everything before I can go take my test and have my fingerprints taken and run thru the FBI......oh no, they are going to find out about this one time at band camp, hahaha I crack myself up. If you didn't get that, don't bother, it really was not that funny. I'm just easily amused.

I promise I will take and post some pictures of Shelby soon....she is getting so big and smart.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Shelby's Great-Grandma Doris. We hope you have a great day!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

How It Went Down

Well, Hurricane Ike was quite an experience. We prepared early and I baked and cooked all day before the storm. We knew that if we lost power we would still be able to cook on our cook top since it is gas and that we would still have water because of the generators at the Katy water plants. I bought groceries to cook on the stove, loaded up both freezers and coolers with bags of ice, etc. We discussed having Shelby and I leave. But we did not know how far or to where we should go? The predictions for the storm were all over the place. We decided to stay put. Friday afternoon when Shelby woke up from her nap she was burning up and had a terribly snotty nose. The child had not been sick since January and she picked the day of a hurricane to get sick?? Grandma checked her out and said she had a cold. Once again Ross and I discussed Shelby and I leaving but we were only a few hours from the storm coming in. I was afraid that without a/c Shelby would get worse. It was a little late at that point so we stayed put. About 7 that night our lights went out. It was not really even blowing yet?? We went next door to a hurricane party and I called over to grandma and grandpa's and they still had power. We decided that Shelby and I should head over to grandma and grandpa's and Ross wanted to stay and look after the house. I called Ross around 9pm to see what he was up to with no power. He said he was making macaroni and cheese. I bought it just for the storm. I knew he would be excited! The power came on about that time.

Shelby had as much fun as could be expected at grandma's house. She got to play with her cousin Tink (the dog) also known as Tink the Stink. She really loved Tink and by the end of the hurricane they were walking around the house together. Shelby would chase Tink and then Tink would chase Shelby.

Shelby and I slept with grandma and Shelby had a rough night since she was sick. She woke up around midnight crying and what did she want....Tink. She finally went back to bed and woke up at 4 and wanted to play. I think she woke up because I was laying in bed texting back and forth to Ross about how bad the storm was and this is about the time the power went off. We let Shelby play in bed and we had a flash light on so she could see. Grandma pulled the sheet over her head and pulled it off real quick and to our amazement Shelby said, "Peekaboo". I am glad Grandma was there to witness it so Ross doesn't think I'm crazy by myself. She said it clear as day!!!! She ended up playing for 2 hours in bed. We put her bag on the bed and she is really great at unpacking. She was throwing diapers and clothes all over the place.

If Shelby would have slept I would have slept right thru Ike. First of all, I can sleep thru anything. I know the Johnson's know about Ross' snoring. Second, grandma and grandpa's house is cinder blocks and concrete so you really couldn't hear much.

We woke up to a disaster zone. There were leaves, branches and trees everywhere. I think they lost 6 trees over 15 acres. One tree was lodged in the front gate and Ross and dad cut it out and moved it so we could get out. Grandpa started the generator in the morning and we watched the news report on Galveston and grandpa hooked up some sort of small blower thing that felt like an a/c. We were doing pretty good. We walked out on to the porch and walked around the side of the house and noticed that one of the a/cs was running. The lights had come on!!!!!!!

Shelby was sad to leave grandma, grandpa, and Tink but she was happy to see her Daddy. We went home to a disgusting pool and one small limb down. The five miles between our house and grandma's was covered with down trees and fences. It was a lot of damage. A little cleaning and some chemicals and our pool was crystal clear the next day. We ended up getting 6 inches of rain Saturday morning after the storm.

We were very lucky, the people in Galveston, not so much! What would possess anyone to stay on an island that is about to take a direct hit from a hurricane??? That is another blog in itself.

Well, Shelby still has her snotty cold but I think she is slowly getting better and now grandma is REALLY sick. Sorry grandma!!! Grandma keeps saying it wasn't Shelby but we know better.

Our other house fared well also. Just a small limb down. The renters cleaned it up before we could even get over to look at the other house and they helped all the neighbors clean up. They seem like great people and the neighbors seem to like them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks Ike!!!!!!

Post hurricane party at our house, bring your swim ear.

In all seriousness, we are all okay. We were only without power for less than 7 hrs (3:30 am - 10am). We had the a/c so cranked down the hottest it got was 74. Grandma and Grandpa Leyendecker lost quite a few trees. One was over their electric gate and we had to cut our way out. Shelby and I spent the night at Grandma's and Grandpa's because Shelby woke up late yesterday afternoon with a fever and a runny nose. It is good to have a grandma near by that is a nurse. Thanks for taking us in!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're Getting Company This Weekend

Yes, Ike is on his way and he will prove to be a terrible house guest. As of right now, we are staying put. The roads are already getting jammed. Shelby and I have been baking and cooking all day. You would think that the army is going to be staying with us. We will come out of this storm much heavier than when we went into it. We have not decided if we are staying at our house or Grandma and Grandpa's. We live in the city limits and the City of Katy has generators on their water plants so if we lose power we will still have running water. I do enjoy my toilet flushing!!! But, Grandma and Grandpa's house is made of cinder blocks and they have a generator. We will see. Say a little prayer for the gulf coast and if any of our family in Port Lavaca reads this please be safe.

Shelby's first hurricane.....this is a first I'm NOT excited about!

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Down to One

We do have some good news about our old house. We have leased it out to what seems like good tenants. We had been negotiating a contract to sell our house for the last week and it did not happen. All along these people as well as others had filled out the application and intended to lease our house. The couple is in their late 40s with no kids or pets and the lady's family is local and well known. The man works for a custom home builder so we hope this means they know how to take care of the granite and the hard wood floors. They will be leasing it for a year and then we will see.

I guess this is a good time to divulge what I have been busy with. I have been taking classes online to get my real estate license. I am in my 4th of five classes and I hope to be licensed by the end of October. I try and get online, when I can, to work on it. This is a huge part of why I have not been good at blogging. I will work under my grandmother's broker's license and basically will work from home so that I can stay with Shelby. I decided to do this because I've worked with about every part of real estate except the actual selling and I enjoy it. We will see what the future holds.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Here are some of the latest pictures of Shelby.

Shelby loves to brush her teeth. We had to break down and admit to daddy that she uses daddy's toothbrush while mommy brushes her teeth. Shelby does have her own toothbrush and toothpaste for her tooth and a half.

My very own cake!

Where to begin?

Grandma, I will share with you.

Grandma, I was saving that icing for later.

I love to squish it between my fingers.

Bananas, a natural moisturizer and hair gel!

I'm watching you!!!!

The Birthday Girls!

Yes, Shelby and I are a whole year older. Thanks to everyone for the calls, cards, presents, and text messages. We really appreciate them!

My birthday was Saturday followed by Shelby's on Sunday. It was a pretty relaxed weekend. Ross and my father went to Sonora to help my grandfather put in a septic tank so they would be ready for deer season. Of course, Ross and my dad did not pick the weekend. Grandma stayed with us at night (my sleep walking gets a little crazy when Ross is gone) and most of the weekend.

Some things I would like to remember about Shelby at a year old.

1) Expressions - she has a million of them and flashes them all day long. They each have a meaning. There is....I just heard the puppy next door bark, I tooted, I'm surprised, you just told me daddy is on his way home, I'm mad at you, you told me no, basically she cracks us up all the time.

2) She LOVES to dance. If you have some good dancing music on, Shelby is shaking something. On Saturday we were alone and I was feeling kind of down that we were by ourselves for our birthday so I turned the radio on loud and Shelby and I danced in the living room (thank goodness for mini blinds). About every three days Shelby does her crazy dancing. She runs around and dances at the same time. She stops to laugh and then you laugh and she starts up again. She goes CRAZY to the point that she will fall down and she will start shaking on her hands and knees. It is a riot and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson got to witness this the last time they were here. I think they were a little surprised!!!

4) She loves her baby doll that she picked out for her birthday. She carries it around and hugs and kisses it and wants you to do the same.

5)She does not like the church nursery. We have been told by so many people that they have never heard Shelby cry. Feel free to come to church with us Sunday morning and you will witness the crying wrath of Shelby. Taking Shelby to the nursery is probably the most stressful thing I have ever done.

6) She is running all over the house and getting into everything. She loves to climb and stand on top of things. She must have her dad's balance.

7) She understands "bye, bye" and waves and blows kisses. She understands tickling and loves to tickle her daddy.

I'm sure there is more that I should add to this list. But this is a good start. I will upload pictures of Shelby's 2nd round of birthday cake shortly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Eat Cake

We had a princess party this weekend and no it was not for Ross' birthday.....little Miss Shelby is turning one on the 7th. The theme was little princess and in true diva spirit Shelby decided to take a nap 10 minutes before the party started. When she woke up her house was full of family and friends and she had a BLAST!!! We had lots of food and good weather so I would say the party was a success! We really appreciate everyone that came and celebrated and those that celebrated from afar. Shelby received many fun toys, cute clothes, and money that we are putting away for college. To say the least she is well loved and maybe a little spoiled??? I have to say thank you to my parents, Ross' parents, and Ashley Niesner for all of the help getting the party together.

The part that we were looking forward to was the infamous eating of the birthday cake. She was not quite sure at first but then she was double fisting it - eating icing from one hand and then cake from the other. Or was that me??? No that was Shelby. Ross has video so I will try and talk him into putting it onto the blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

I'm really a princess.

Grandma Johnson and the birthday girl.

Grandma Leyendecker and the birthday girl.

I love my balloon!!!

It's my party and I'll scowl if I want to!!

I think I've got this down.

Daddy showing me the Disney princess legos he bought me. Daddy builds, I tear down.

Shelby and her first kisses dolly that she picked out. I took Shelby to Babies R Us to try and find something for her birthday when she made a sound and stuck out her arm to get this doll. I gave her the doll and she kissed it on the forehead. I pushed the doll's tummy and it started to speak Spanish. I did find the English version and she was very happy to see it again at her party. Shelby is like her mama and daddy and likes to pick out her own birthday presents.

The cake I made Shelby. Okay, so the cake Sam's made Shelby. All the Disney princesses....Bailey, I hope we made you proud.

This stuff is good. Mama told me it would be good but I didn't believe her.


Weight watchers here I come!!!!