Friday, May 21, 2010

A Fish and A Shark

I love my Dora the Explorer life jacket. This is heading back to the boat and we have now graduated to floaties.
The Shark scrubbing the pool and the fish.

It has begun.......pool season!!! It is no secret that we LOVE our pool. Let's face it, I live with two polar bears that have been swimming for some time now, but I braved the pool last night and it was warm.

By the end of last summer, Shelby was quite comfortable in the pool. The start of this summer we had to get her used to it again and get her over her fears all over again. Last night we finally got off her off the steps and when she figured out that she could float with her life jacket on and then swim with it on by kicking her feet she was making laps. She would get to the wall and turn around and "svim" to the steps. She did this over and over and over again and would not stop to play with us. I can't tell you how many laps she made but I kept thinking she is going to be sore tomorrow. We then put on her floaties and she did the same thing with those on. She would pretend she was a fish and her daddy was a shark and he was going to get her. Of course, her daddy always got her and would take a "bite" out of her thighs.

Daddy does not always play fair in the pool (I know ya'll are surprised to hear that). He likes to splash Shelby and I. Shelby was getting pretty ticked with her Daddy last night and gave him some real Leyendecker attitude and told him to knock it off and it wasn't nice. Then somehow they both decided to gang up on me and both of them started to splash me and Shelby kept saying splash mama. I started to take up for myself and splashed daddy and then I heard him say, "oh, you want to play". Needless to say I was constantly having to watch my back with these two. I guess mama is just an easy target.

For those of you that have not heard Shelby has inherited her daddy's clean freak ways. I can't tell you how many times this week Shelby has told me I made a mess. I think that is a little backwards. The child is always picking up after me, lol!!! When we were in the pool last night she grabbed a brush and started scrubbing and said, "I clean, I make daddy happy". Her daddy gave her a thumbs up and she gave him one back along with "the Shelby wink". If you have not witnessed "the Shelby wink" you are certainly missing out. I am surprised we haven't heard from a commercial producer as of yet. The child is certainly special.

Since Ross is out of town for a Johnson bachelor party, Shelby and I plan on being in the pool all weekend. Anyone that wants to partake in swim time and know where to find us!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures.....What you really want.

These pictures are old and they are not in order, but enjoy anyway.

I had to stop for gas on our way home from G.G.'s birthday lunch and belated Easter Egg Hunt. They played too hard!

Shelby headed back to G.G.'s house from the garden. G.G. and Papa Muske had to buy her a new wagon. That thought the one that I rode around in with my sister and cousins was too rusty and old.

Granny counting Easter eggs to make sure we found them all.

Her loot!

Obsessed with sunglasses.

Some loot waiting for her in G.G.'s old garden.

The Easter bunny was here.


My college roommate, Carrie, and her daughter, Morgann (Shelby's college roommate).

Swinging with her "eyes closed" or in our household that is known as "smiling".