Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots of Randomness!

Okay, so this post is going to be lots of randomness thrown together. Where to start?

Well I am going to start with saying how proud I am of the three of us. Shelby, the little stinker, has not been sleeping well at all lately. She has been getting up every 2 to three hours and sometimes sooner than that to eat. Ross and I were at our breaking point last week and we decided we had to do something. So we asked everybody we knew and we decided to let her cry it out, but we would go in every 10 to 20 mins or so and pick her up and calm her down. We started Saturday night. The worse was getting Shelby to go to sleep. She fussed for about 40 mins. She didn't cry the whole 40 mins. mainly just yelled at us in baby talk. The third time we went in she fell asleep in Ross' arms. She slept a lot better that night and woke up at 2. I asked Ross to go in because I knew if I would go in she would throw a huge fit because she would want to eat. Ross only had to go in once and she went back to sleep until 5. This had been 8 hours since she had last eaten so I went in and fed her and put her back to bed. When she gets a little older we will let her cry it out until it is time for her to get up. Last night, it took 10 minutes for her to go to bed and she did not wake up until 4:45 (a little over 8 hours since her last feeding). I really hope this continues. I feel more rested today than I have in a very very long time!

Next, Shelby has a cow. No, not a fit a real cow. Okay, so it's a calf but you get the idea. Tradition in my dad's side of the family is that you get calves when you are born and the money from their future calves goes into savings for college. My grandpa, great-grandpa and parents did this for my sister and I when we were born. So grandpa and grandma have continued the tradition. Grandma picked out Shelby's calf and we got a picture of it. We will just call her Nameless Johnson until Shelby can name her.

Sunday afternoon we went fishing for Shelby's Great-Grandfather's birthday. Ross, of course, was in heaven. The fisherman of the day turned out to be Aunt Kristen. Here is pictures from Sunday.

Aunt Kristen and her 5 lbs 2 oz bass. The biggest of the day. Although, there was lots of bass caught.

This is how Shelby fishes.

Here is a picture of Shelby and daddy watching Baby Einstein.

Ross wanted me to take the next picture because it reminded him of someone in his family. Johnsons who does this remind you of?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Trip to Spring

Friday night we went to Spring to see Travis and the boys and spend the night. Sarah was out of town with her mom and sister. We had a lot of fun and it was good to see our nephews, and you too Travis. Shelby as usual studied everything. She just stares and studies when we go new places or she is around new people. The three kids were having stare down contests but they had a lot of fun together. Cooper is crawling so he would crawl to Shelby and touch her face. It was very sweet and Tyler really liked to be with Shelby also. He even gave Shelby a hug!

The Johnson day care center. Tyler was sharing a teddy bear with Shelby.

Tyler is getting so big!

Cooper and one sock Willy.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Shelby's Great-Grandpa Leyendecker!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Shelby's Great-Grandma Johnson's Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Adventures of the Sippy Cup!

At Shelby's 6 month check up her doctor told us that we should start working on a sippy cup. So we have started. I put some diluted apple juice in the cup. She liked chewing and sucking on the cup but did not like the apple juice. I guess I need to stick with the milk. ducky really needs some apple juice.

I am a big girl.

Shelby is getting a little better with her eating. At Easter her great-grandmas got a huge kick out of watching her eat bananas. She ate them twice that day. In the evening she finished off a whole container of them. She will eat sweet potatoes also. If you try and mix some cereal with them, you can just forget it. She hates the texture and gags!

The monkey still plays with her toys with her feet. Ross and Shelby were reading a book the other night and she tried to turn the pages with her feet????

Help mom, my eyes disappeared!!!!!

Happy Belated Easter!

I'm behind...I know. I am going to make this short and sweet. Easter was great! We went to Grandpa's cabin and the grandmas, aunts, cousins, etc. came and we ate and ate and ate. I took one picture and that was of Shelby and Grandpa riding on the lawnmower. Shelby does not look happy but she liked riding on the John Deere. Grandpa Johnson will have to take Shelby in one of the big John Deeres when we get to the valley. I wonder how long it will be before she is riding on the 4 wheeler with daddy??

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ross' Birthday Continues....

I took Ross out to the Melting Pot on Saturday and we made ourselves sick. The melting pot is a fondue restaurant and Ross and I had a lot of fun. We had the big night out which is a course of cheese fondue, salad, entree, and dessert fondue. The picture below was taken during the entree portion of the dinner. You cook your meat in the boiling pot in front of you. Here is Ross with a chunk of his lobster. Ross chose the Caribbean/jerk seasoned meats and broth to cook it in. It was really good. After we left I really thought I was going to be sick. It was so much food!
Thanks to Grandma Leyendecker for babysitting!

Ross also tracked down his birthday present on Saturday. Ross bought himself a wii for his birthday. Yes, we have another video game system now. Wiis are very hard to find but Ross called all over Houston and found a Target that had gotten a few in that morning and had 2 left. Grandma Leyendecker said she wanted to play and Aunt Kristen said she wanted one. Ross thinks we made a pretty good investment and we will get some babysitting out of it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This week we went out to dinner with great-grandma Johnson, Ross' aunt Ann, Ross' cousin Kyle, and his wife Rachel. This was the first time that Rachel had seen Shelby. The Johnson women had just flown back from their annual girls trip. This year they flew to Kristi's house in Jacksonville and drove to Charlotte. Karyn has pictures on her blog of the trip.

Shelby and Grandma

Shelby and Rachel. Shelby got a little too much fun out of pulling Rachel's hair. Sorry Rachel!

So I said last time that I had pink eye. Turns out I had the never ending staph infection turn up in my eye. The antibiotic resistant staph has been going thru my family for months now. My eye completely swole shut. Thank goodness big sunglasses are in. Ross told my mom...."See what happens when Kim talks back to me". I'm not scared!!!!! And I'll spare you the pictures...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, so I have not been the best about blogging this week. So...I am going to go backwards. Friday we went bowling with the "Highland Crowd" for Brandon's 30th birthday. We had a lot of fun and it was good to be out with these fun people. Here is a picture of Ross' project manager, Tim, aka the man who has to keep Ross in line (and we know how hard that is) was giving Shelby some of her own medicine.

Saturday was a big day for us. We went to a wedding all by ourselves. One of Ross' coworkers, Brock, got married in Houston. Grandma Leyendecker stepped up to the plate and babysat. She had Shelby for 7+ hours. Grandpa and Aunt Kristen also were there for some of the time. Grandma looked a little tired when we got home. She said Shelby was great but a little birdy told us that she was a little fussy for a little while. THANKS GRANDMA!!!!

Poor Grandma agreed to watch Shelby again on Saturday night so I can take Ross out for his birthday. He does not know where we are going for dinner. It is a surprise! And for those of you that know where we are going. I expect it to stay a surprise!!!

Last night Grandma and Grandpa Leyendecker took us out to Texas Roadhouse for Ross' birthday. As you all know, Shelby will not eat her baby food or rice cereal but she spent the whole evening showing us what she really wanted.....

A corona with a lime.

Shelby grew out of her travel system carseat. Here is a picture of Shelby in her new "ride". She really seems to like it. It appears to be a lot more comfortable than the old one. Thanks to my aunt Bonnie and cousin Roxanne for the carseat.

In other news.....I have pink eye. Seems like every week it is something around here. YUCK!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ross!!!!!

Ross turns 28 today! Shelby and I want to wish him a very happy birthday....we are sorry you had to go to work and couldn't hang out and play with us. LOVE YOU!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feed Me!

Who would have thought that Ross and I would have a child that does not like to eat. I did pray that I not pass on the learned ability to overeat, but this is ridiculous. We have been trying different foods to try and find one that will get her started. Aunt Kristen got her to take bites of applesauce. I am not sure how much she actually swallowed. She did it twice for Aunt Kristen but would not do it for anyone else. Now Aunt Kristen thinks she has "the touch". It takes some time to try new foods since you have to give it to them for 3+ days to make sure they are not allergic to it. Do they make chicken fried steak in a baby food???

Good news though....I think we had a break through this evening....BANANNAS.....she cleaned her bowl. I hope that was not a one time wonder and this means that she will start eating.

Put the choo choo train in the station and lets get on with it.

Mom, will you eat this applesauce so Aunt Kristen will leave me alone???

Just stretching the hammies. Don't want to pull anything with all that jumperooing I do.

Monday, March 10, 2008

6 Months!

Shelby was 6 months on Friday. It is really hard for me to believe. When Grandma Leyendecker and I were talking about it she put it all into perspective by has been the hardest 6 months of your life, hasn't it.... Grandma is 100% right, but of course it has, at the same time, been the most wonderful 6 months. Shelby is getting such a little personality. She is SO happy; which, is wonderful for everyone around her to witness. She LOVES her daddy. She thinks he is the funniest! And she has started to put her arms out for me to get her. Sometimes she just wants her momma. This makes daddy feel like chop liver but that will change. She is still wary of people she does not know and gives them "the lip". Shelby still likes to be naked and take her baths. She just lounges in her bath tub! She sits up and plays with her toys. She gets bored very easily, like her momma.

We went to the doctor today and Shelby was 27 3/4 inches (97th percentile) and 17 lbs. 12 ozs. (75th percentile). The nurse was writing information in her chart and asked what she eats. I told her just milk and she looked at me like I was crazy. She still refuses solids. She took bites just that one night that we got pictures but I don't think she swallowed any of it. The doctor told me to keep trying to feed her but not to be concerned because she won't need the added nutrients for 2-3 more months.
Saturday the Leyendecker/Johnson women hung out and did what we hate to do most....went shopping. I had to get some shoes for a wedding. People often ask my father how did he end up so lucky to have the women in his life dread shopping with a passion. I have a couple of theories and maybe one day I will share them. The guys went hog hunting and sounds like they had a good time.

Shelby and Grandma Leyendecker. As you can see Shelby does not have any toys.

Shelby and Aunt Kristen. Aunt Kristen got her stitches out and the plastic surgeon did an amazing job.

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Pictures!

I thought Daddy had the changing diaper thing down. Maybe not!!!!!!! The diaper was clean by the way.

Grandma Johnson came to see us on Wednesday and she just left to see her grandkids in Spring. Grandpa could not come because he was busy on the farm. We missed him! Grandma is off next week to Florida to see the third round of grandkids. Southwest airlines loves Grandma and Grandpa. Shelby did give Grandma the lip a couple of times. Especially when Grandma invaded her space (gave her kisses). But she warmed up to her and cried when she had to be taken away from Grandma to take a nap.

The clowns in the family!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Pictures!

Here is Shelby and daddy making a finger painting masterpiece to send to Uncle Charlie in Iraq. I think daddy had more fun doing this than Shelby.

Sunday afternoon Shelby and I went to see all her great-grandparents on my side. Ross had some chemicals to use on our tile and grout and we could not be around. He also cleaned while we were gone. We're spoiled. I put Shelby in a cute dress and daddy added the cowboy boots. These two don't look alike at all!

Shelby's G.G. Muske bought her this antique rocker at an estate auction. Shelby liked to sit in it but she kept putting her right foot in the air??? Who knows... Don't be alarmed about Shelby sitting there alone Grandma Leyendecker was right beside her in case she wanted to dive forward.

Shelby and her Great-Grandma Doris.

Yesterday Shelby and I went to a Stay at home moms meeting. It was nice to get out and all the moms were really nice. Most of the moms were aggies also. We will be hanging out with them again. Last night Shelby finally went thru the night without a choking spell. Of course, she got up twice to eat. She's a piggy! I guess the Norther and the rain yesterday must have settled some of the tree pollen. According to the weather channel the tree pollen does not disappear until June and it peaks late March. We still have a ways to go.