Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Mess is For You!!!!

Sorry grandparents but this post has no pictures!

Half of them went onto other things and will not continue reading, but that is okay.

One day this week Shelby had her Easter basket full of plastic food and was walking around with it. She got mad at me about something. I wouldn't let her have a cookie for breakfast, or something like that, when she decided that in anger she would dump out all of her plastic food all over the kitchen floor. She looked at me and with her "Vanna White arms" said, "this mess is for you". I couldn't believe the attitude but I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't hold it in, I just busted out laughing. Unfortunately, since I laughed, I see this same scenario playing out quite often. Just wait, those of you that have read this far. One day soon Shelby will be at your house too!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a Swingin.....

A couple of weeks ago, Shelby's Granny and Papa took care of Shelby for the day so that Ross and I could go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ cookoff with some friends. They took her to see her great grandparents on my side and while at Gigi's house (mom's mom) she discovered the swingset. Granny and Papa told us that night that she was in love with Gigi's swingset so they were going to get her one. Granny and Papa bought Shelby her swingset on Saturday and daddy put it together. The "putting together" was a disaster and most parts Ross had to do more than once. I have never seen such pathetic instructions. I called Granny and said that we decided that we would have rather paid for it and have Papa put it together :). Shelby woke up from her nap and immediately asked to go play at her "park". I said okay. Ross was about 3/4 of the way thru. Shelby went outside turned the corner and was beyond excited. She was in love! She kept asking us, "this is for me, this is Shelby's???" She couldn't believe it! Now every time she has woken up in the morning and from her nap she immediately wants to play with her "park". I was telling her that I loved her when I was tucking her in tonight and she told me that she loved me. Then she said, "and I love my park, tell Granny and Papa I love my park and tell daddy thank you for putting together, I love my park".
On a really sad side note while we were outside putting the swingset together we heard a bunch of sirens and found out that the toddler directly across the street from us drowned in their pool. If you have a pool you must get a child safety fence! So sad!!!

Now to lift your spirits back up, pictures!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Which Way to Aggieland

Little Miss Shelby had fun going thru one of the closets upstairs. It was that closet that everyone has that is full of old memories. This closet mainly houses old college memories and Shelby loved going thru all of her daddy's photo albums. She was looking thru the albums and seeing daddy in his skinnier days (his words not mine) and pointed to daddy and said Cody (Ross' cousin). Ross corrected her and said no that is daddy and she quickly said no, that is Cody. They went back and forth and she never gave in. I never really thought that Cody and Ross looked alike but I guess Shelby does!

One of the things she found was our photo album from our wedding and she went on and on about how much she loved my pretty dress. Such a sweet heart!
And another thing she found was Ross "pot" (helmet) from bonfire. She loved to put it on.
In other news, potty training, it basically not happening. I bought Shelby panties thinking that it would help and she asks to put a diaper on because she knows she can go potty in them instead of her panties. She told me the other night when I was reading her a story before bed that she really needed a tv in her room. I told her Granny Leyendecker that and Granny told her that she would buy her one if she started to use the potty. That didn't even help! She will be ready one day!
The cutest thing to ever wear a "pot".

Do you see Ross? I sure do!

It was one of those, let's wear comfortable nonmatching clothes and be lazy because it's freezing outside type of days but Shelby had to put all her bling on.

I know exactly where she gets this from but I am not naming any names.

Showing off her first pair of panties.

Catching a showing of "The Fox and the Hound" at the drive in. Notice the plates and the cup in the "backseat". She inherited the Leyendecker messy car syndrome.