Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dirtiest Jobs Tryouts....

Shelby and I are battling the stomach virus. I feel like any time now the guy from "Dirtiest Jobs" is going to walk thru the door with a camera crew. Needless to say Shelby has gotten quite used to being taken to the side of the house and literally hosed down with water. Don't worry grandparents I make sure all of the hot water is out of the hose before I squirt her down. She thinks it is great and treats it like she is in the sprinkler. Cleaning up diarrhea has got to qualify me for tryouts. Other than the explosive diarrhea Shelby has had for two days, she is fine and you would never know she was sick. Unfortunately baby Chapman and Ms. Brande were here yesterday to witness a hosing down. This was before we knew she was sick. I really hope we have not passed this sickness to them! As for stomach is cramping and in knots and well the rest I will spare you. I have thankfully not needed to venture to the water hose :).

I will be posting some videos of Shelby tomorrow doing some funny things. Some funny sayings from her this week.........Shelby from the backseat of the car, "momma, I really need to go home and check my email". Shelby driving around in her plastic car when I asked her if she was going shopping. Shelby's answer "no, I going to China".

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