Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here We Go Again.......

For our third trip to the E.R. Shelby decided to bust her head open and she needed a staple. Most of you know that I don't have very good nerves. I can't handle a lot of stress, it's no secret. Shelby was on top of my desk and I told her to get off and I was on my way over to get her down. Her toes were only an inch from the floor when she slipped and feel backwards and hit her head on the filing cabinet. Of course, I snatched her up quickly and was consoling her. I had almost made it to the living room when I started feeling something dripping on my arm. I remember thinking for a brief second, oh please God don't let that be blood. It was and it was everywhere. I grabbed my phone and called my mom. She didn't answer and she always answers. I called my dad and he was not in the office. I begin to dial 911 (the ems director had told my dad to always call the ambulance because you get bumped up in line at the er) when mom beeped in. There was enough blood where I was panicking but trying hard not to, at the same time. Mom said I will meet you at the ER and I threw clothes on and headed out (I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet). Shelby had calmed down but repeatedly said, "I need to see the doctor". Luckily the emergency room is 2 miles away. I shook the whole way. I called Ross and I told him I didn't know how bad it was because of the blood but she wasn't crying when we got to the E.R. and seemed fine.

Luckily, there was no one in the E.R. so we got in right away. The staff was great, this time, and gave her a stuff animal and probably 15 stickers. They cleaned it up to reveal that the cut was approximately a half of an inch long. They put some cream on it to deaden it and put one staple in. She was a real trooper. We were there for maybe an hour (it takes awhile for the cream to deaden the area, etc.) and her daddy got there not long after us. She was so happy the whole time we were there especially when her daddy showed up. She let the nurses do whatever and told the doctor he was a nice doctor, without us prompting. She did feel the staple though and cried for a little bit. Her Granny and Papa met us at the house with lunch. Her daddy gave her a bath and got the rest of the blood out of hair and now she is asleep. Before she took a bath, I told Granny, I really need a margarita and Shelby turned around on her bike and shook her head and said, "yeah, you need a rita". is Friday.......I shall have that rita and Shelby shall have a coke.....

Freak me out!!!!!! There was blood on the floor, blood on my foot, blood all over my arms and shirt, blood all over Shelby's arms. I left so quickly we didn't bring Shelby's shoes. Here she is about to wrap up her green giraffe from the hospital (Ross says thanks to BAE for paying for the giraffe).

TWINKIES! If these two are this happy at the E.R., imagine them at Disney World!

Just looking for my daddy and waiting for him to come. I know you all love her stylish headband. For you horse people, that is just common vet wrap that you wrap their ankles with. Shelby makes it look good.

P.S. I forgot to mention the doctor gave us a staple remover to remove her staple in 10 days. I promptly handed that off to Granny and said that's your job. I've had enough!


Karyn Hatch said...

I hate that this happened to you and Shelby today, but I have to say, I loved this post and laughed at all of Shelby's comments....especially the rita one! Hope she wakes up from her nap happy and feels good!

Ann Jud said...

I too, like Karyn, got a laugh out of this post. I read it on FB, but had to check out the pics. Priceless!!!